Keeping your family safe is the best thing you can do for your loved ones.

Although there are many things that could go wrong, staying vigilant goes a long way in preventing unwanted incidents. Here are 20 tips every Dad must know to keep your loved ones safe and sound.

Around the House

1. Dust or lint in machinery can spark and cause fires. Make sure to regularly clear vacuum bags and the lint trap in the clothes dryer.

2. If you see black spots on the walls, get your home checked for black mould. Long-term exposure can cause health issues, ranging from respiratory problems to damage to the immune system!

3. With the number of devices we own today, it can be easy to overload electrical outlets. Use power strips with built in surge protectors to prevent blowouts and fires.

In the Kitchen

1. Keep all pot handles turned inwards to prevent curious toddlers from tipping over a hot pan.

2. Never leave knives exposed. Always keep them in a knife block or tucked away in a drawer.

3. Wipe up spills immediately. It only takes a second for running children to slip and smack right into the kitchen table.

In the Bathroom

1. Teach children not to spray water all over the bathroom. Water may pool in an unnoticed area, leading to mosquito breeding. It can also cause corrosion, resulting in leaks and other complications.

2. Use sturdy fittings to hold and organise your toiletries. Leave large, heavy bottles on the floor so young children can use them easily.

3. If you use shavers or hairdryers, switch to battery-operated models to avoid installing electrical outlets in the bathroom.