Launch of Singlife Chatbot

Launch of Singlife Chatbot

Written by Mandylyn Bow | 04 May 2018 |

FRIDAY 4 MAY 2018 – Technology-driven life insurer Singapore Life, is pleased to launch the SingLife Chatbot. The chatbot which operates on Facebook Messenger is easily accessible via the social media app through Singapore Life’s Facebook page and via Singapore Life’s homepage.

Walter de Oude, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Life chimes in on the latest digital customer engagement tool from the city-state’s new and preferred life insurance company: “The SingLife Chatbot is designed with the key purpose of helping our customers identify their insurance needs. The user-friendly interface smartly converses with customers, allowing them to understand their life insurance coverage in as little steps as possible.”

Using predictive modelling, the SingLife Chatbot aims to provide a unified platform of getting life coverage in simplified steps. Unlike most bots which are confined strictly to a pre-assigned set of predictive questions and answers, the SingLife Chatbot is able to reply to free-form text chat that includes a wide-ranging gamut of words, nuance, sub-text and even emojis and colloquial terms and phrases!

As an intelligent, self-learning bot, consumers need only tap from a selection of prompted responses to progress to the next question. All queries are kept succinct and consumers can expect to view their recommended plan and life insurance coverage in a single at-a-glance snapshot. Customers who prefer to chat with someone instead of a bot will also be happy to know that the SingLife Chatbot enables a smooth handover of queries from the chatbot to Singapore Life’s team of customer service officers via the live agent chat function.

“Digital enablement is in our DNA. We constantly seek new ways to break the traditional mould. We believe in embracing cutting-edge solutions to better serve our increasingly technology savvy users. Singapore Life is a productive organization that effectively passes on our cost-savings to the consumer. We incorporate multiple insurtech solutions to improve customer experience, representing the next generation of life insurance where customers are empowered through simplified purchase experiences. The SingLife Chatbot is the latest addition that stacks up on top of our digital-first experience. After all, this is how bots should speak and converse with our customers” – states Walter.

Since commencing retail operations barely seven months prior, Singapore Life is already reporting more than S$6.2 billion worth of life insurance coverage. With more than 20 per cent of queries occurring after business hours and late into the night, the SingLife Chatbot handles queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and more so during off-business hours.

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