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It’s International Women’s Day!

Written by Singlife | 08 Mar 2021 |

Today is International Women’s Day!

In a 2018 Global Investor Pulse survey by BlackRock, only 58% of female Singaporean millennials invest. This is surprisingly lower as compared to 84% and 74% in Hong Kong and China respectively.

The women in our life already make so many things work for them, so why not their money?

We thought we would spotlight 2 Singaporean females and how they begun their investment journey.

For Edna, this spurred her to look for ways to invest. The ease of starting an investment portfolio via a roboadvisor* in a few minutes lowered her initial fears and inertia.

Using it as a start also allowed her to familiarise herself with the different asset classes and how to employ Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) as an investment strategy.

Overtime, this helped her gain confidence as an investor.

Crystal started off with a roboadvisor* too as it was the simplest way to own a diversified portfolio, alongside investing in blue chip stocks.

Now in her 2nd year of investing, she’s relying on her partner as a source of advice. With him being an active investor, she is learning how to evaluate if a company she’s interested to invest in is a good pick.

*Roboadvisor is a digital platform that provides automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human supervision. (Source: Investopedia)

To start can be daunting…

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