“Valentine’s Day is just a consumerist holiday”

Written by Singlife | 09 Feb 2021 |

I am Marc, an intern from Singlife. I’ve been tasked to write this email because according to my supervisor, I have more “romance” (read: youth) in me. But really, Valentine’s Day receives alot of flak for being a consumerist holiday with its overpriced dinners and flowers.

However, whether you are single or have a special someone, there are #couplegoals or #acoupleofgoals you can put your $ into that are equally romantic AND have the potential of strong(er) returns.

To that, I asked 3 people for the most romantic financial decision they’ve made.

1. “I would go a thousand miles”
“We actually paid for the downpayment of our house with a credit card, and that allowed us to accrue the miles and upgrade our honeymoon tickets to business class when flying to New York.”

2. Believe in finishing(s) together
“We created a joint investment portfolio for our renovations for our BTO and put in a fixed sum monthly. At the end of our 5 year wait, our investment was up by the double digits, and this allowed us to ‘upgrade’ some of our appliances and pay for more expensive finishings.”

3. Taking stock of things that last
“With part of my first paycheck some 40 years back, I actually bought a couple of stocks in Apple and gave it to my then-girlfriend. I hope she kept those stocks because she can sell those for 200,000 USD today.”

You CAN make wise financial decisions this Vday.
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(Romantic) Intern at Singlife