Insurance Management Associate Programme

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What iMAP offers

Want to be an expert in your field? Get early exposure to work life with us.

More about iMAP

We welcome fresh graduates who are eager to experience various roles in a specific function.

How it works:

In your chosen function, you'll rotate to different projects and teams through the three 8-month rotations.

At the end of the iMAP,  you'll gain deep understanding of how your function works within the insurance industry. You will also be ready to take on leadership roles and lead projects confidently.

Decide on one:

Pick one of the functions that you wish to thrive on in the future.

It'll be perfect if you:

  • Have a degree with good honours
  • Have real passion about the insurance industry and are eager to learn more.

Get ready to:

  • Be trained and certified by the industry experts 
    Learn from industry experts about insurance and get recognised by the Life Office Management Association (LOMA).
  • Build and execute projects
    Transform ideas and insights into actionable deliverables.
  • Be mentored and exposed to development opportunities
    One of our best seniors will mentor you and ensure that you have the opportunity to lead projects and receive the right support.
  • Be collaborative
    Understand the importance of strong collaboration and teamwork when working with different team across various projects.
  • Learn that communication is key - and important to us
    Have confidence in doing presentations and communicating with people at all levels.

Life as an iMAP grad

We organise events and activities to engage you beyond your daily duties.

It's not 100% all work-focused here. We work hard and laugh harder together.
We give back to the community by cooking and preparing over a hundred meals for the elderly.

Our recent iMAP grads

As an iMAP grad, you'll have the opportunity to wear different hats, be exposed to various teams and be ready to take on responsibilities.

Caleb Lim, Risk & Compliance, iMAP

"Rotating from Compliance, Risk and to Finance has given me great exposure, enabling me to view the industry from difference perspectives. Being equipped with these diverse experiences and skill sets are important as it'll help me lead projects in the future."

Stephanie Foo, Intermediary Distribution, iMAP

"iMAP was a satisfying journey as I got to explore different roles and collaborate with people from all levels. I'm responsible for collaborating with our partners to ensure that our digital initiative is in place. I've learned to own what I do and take pride in my work. This has boosted my confidence in proposition management."

Pick a function of your choice

Take on new challenges and deepen your expertise in a function of your choice.


We thirst for simple solutions as we deal with risk often. We aim to mitigate risks, provide insightful reports, and continue to build a strong rapport within our community.

Customer Service

We handle claims and underwriting cases with a customer-centric mindset. Wherever they are, we thrive on saving their day.


We offer roles that will deepen your skills in areas such as investment strategy, financial and management reporting, and finance operations and accounting. 

Group Business

We work closely with business corporates to provide insurance plans for their employees. We work with a customer-focused attitude to ensure that their needs are met.

Intermediary Distribution

We manage the various distribution channels across the business and our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

People Function

We aim to create a rockstar team for every department by discovering, recruiting and developing Aviva's group of colleagues.

Product & Marketing

We're the storytellers of Aviva's products, we brainstorm for creative ideas and products that are designed to meet our customers' needs.

Risk & Compliance

We aim to build an unwavering trust around us by consistently protecting Aviva's assets, reputation and sustainability.

How to join

Ready to shape the future of insurance? Apply here


Applying to iMAP

  • Go to Workday.
  • Select Singapore in the Location tab.
  • On the search bar, search for 'iMAP'.
  • Select the role that you wish to apply and submit your CV via Workday to us.

Schedule an interview

We'll schedule an interview to get to know you better and help you decide what role suits your background best. Seize this opportunity to ask us questions about the role and let us know what interests you too.

We wish you good luck! 



To get you started:

Our orientation will get you trained and prepared for your programme. After that, we'll take you on a tour of the different Aviva offices to make sure you're familiar with the area and people.