Life At Aviva

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We've got the equation of work-life balance figured out


Get fit and live healthily so you can enjoy life to the fullest.


Develop your skills & capabilities through resources available for you.


Opportunities for personal & professional development.


Let your hair down, have fun and make friends.


Enrich someone else's life by sharing your knowledge, skills and time.


Get moving to burn those calories in the weekly yoga and pilloxing classes.


Caring more for our employees and the communities around us.


Recognizing the big and small wins.

Play hard and solve hard problems together

We believe in nurturing our people in every possible way

Stephanie Foo, Intermediary Distribution Executive

"We've got a wide range of basecamp activities arranged every month. There are personal development courses that include health and lifestyle sessions too. Once, we conducted a session on how to make your own Chinese New Year decorations out of red packets. These sessions were also a good time to get to know your colleagues from different departments!"

Nicole Seah, Actuarial Executive

"I have the opportunity to build a meaningful connection with my peers and the colleagues from the other teams. I like the workplace culture here as everyone has been very supportive of each other and because of that we've built a stronger bond."