Member Get Member FAQ

If my Friend (referee) started their Singlife Account / Grow application prior to using my (referrer) unique personal referral link, will we still be eligible for this member get member programme?

Where can I (referrer) check if my Friend (referee) has completed the referral process?

Will I (referrer) receive S$5 (for Singlife Account referral) and/or S$30 (for Singlife Grow) once my Friend (referee) downloads the Singlife App?

Is there a validity period between my Friend (referee) downloads the Singlife App and activates their Singlife Visa Debit Card to be eligible for this Member get Member programme?

When the requirements have been completed, how long does it take for my Friend (referee) and I (referrer) to receive the MGM credits?

What requirements need to be completed for both of my Friend (referee) and I (referrer) to qualify for this Member Get Member programme and receive S$5 each for Singlife Account? How about the requirements for Grow policy ?

Do I need to complete both the Singlife account and Singlife Grow policy requirements to qualify for any top-up under the Member get Member programme ?

Can I proceed to apply for Singlife Grow policy without a Singlife account and qualify for the Member Get Member programme?

When can I refer?

Can I use a different friend’s (referrer) link/code to sign up for Singlife Account and Singlife Grow if I have a pending incomplete application?

Which app release version is the one with the referral reward feature?

Once my Friend’s (referee) Singlife Visa Debit Card has been activated, will S$5 be credited into my (referrer) Singlife Account?

What if I (referrer) have NOT ordered the Singlife Visa Debit Card, can I (referrer) still refer and get the S$5?

When will I (referrer) get a notification?

Will I (referee) need to click my friend’s (referrer) unique link again to participate in Grow rewards after I clicked or entered their shared unique link when I signed-up for SA the first time?

Can I do a self referral using my own link/code to sign up for Singlife Grow?

Will I still receive S$30 if I cancel my Singlife Grow policy during the free look period?

Will there be any implication if I terminate my Singlife Grow policy within a short period of time?