MyShield & MyHealth Plus FAQ

Most popular questions


What is MyShield?

Does MediShield Life duplicate the coverage I have under MyShield and/or MyHealthPlus?

Will I receive premium subsidies even though I am insured under MyShield? Do I have to downgrade from MyShield plan to MediShield Life to receive the premium subsidies?

Can I add in riders to cover deductible and co-insurance?

Can I add in riders to cover deductible and co-insurance for MyShield Standard Plan?

Am I eligible to buy MyShield?

What happens to my IP from another private insurer if I sign up for MyShield?

How will the claims be computed since CPF Board and multiple insurers are jointly insuring me?


What is MyHealthPlus?

What are the differences between Option A-II and Option C-II?

Am I eligible to buy MyHealthPlus?


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