Singlife Sure Invest FAQ

Singlife Sure Invest

Is there a lock-in period for my investment?

Can I apply for this plan on a joint-owner / life basis?

Can I decide on the model portfolio I want to invest in?

Can I do ad-hoc top-ups?

Can I terminate my policy without penalties?

Is the switching of portfolios allowed?

Is there the option of a regular savings plan?

What currencies do you accept?

What are the features of the Singlife Sure Invest plan?

What are the minimum investment amounts?

What happens if I do not meet the CKA requirements?

Who can apply for this plan?

What is rebalancing?

Can I make partial withdrawals?

Can I invest in specific ILP sub-fund(s)?

What is Singlife's Model Portfolio?

What is Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)?

What are the payable charges?

What are the available payment methods?

What is the basic benefit included in the Portfolio?

How can I access the investment-related details of my plan?

When will I receive the proceeds from my partial withdrawal/full surrender request(s) for my Singlife Sure Invest plan?

Will there be a monthly statement for my plan?

Why should I consider setting up a Recurring Single Premium (RSP)?

Can I have multiple portfolios?

How is Singlife Sure Invest different from a robo-advisor?

What's the composition of the three portfolios?

Singlife Sure Invest Bonus Return Campaign

How long does this campaign run for?

Who can participate in this campaign?

What is the minimum Singlife Sure Invest investment amount?

I am an existing Singlife Sure Invest customer. Will I need to invest in an additional Singlife Sure Invest policy to participate in this campaign?

I have more than one Singlife Sure Invest policy. How will the Bonus Return crediting eligibility be assessed?

What happens if I terminate my Singlife Account policy and maintain just a Singlife Sure Invest policy during the campaign period?

What happens if I terminate my one and only Singlife Sure Invest policy during the campaign period?

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