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Travel Insurance FAQ

Most popular questions

Do I qualify for Singlife Travel insurance?

Can I get an instant quote from Singlife?

What is the difference between Travel Prestige, Travel Plus and Travel Lite?

How do I contact Singlife for travel assistance?

How do I make a claim?

COVID-19 cover

What are the key coverages for COVID-19?

When can I apply for this coverage?

If my policy was purchased before 01/01/2022, what is my coverage for COVID-19?

I have purchased a travel policy with Singlife prior to this and my policy does not have the COVID-19 coverage. I would like to get the new policy. Can I cancel the existing policy and get full refund?

Who is eligible to buy the travel insurance and enjoy the COVID-19 coverage?

Where can I find the details on the Travel Advisory issued by the Singapore government?

Overview and Eligibility

How can I purchase travel insurance from Singlife?

Do you have any age limits?

Who underwrites your insurance?

How far in advance should I purchase the single trip insurance?

Am I covered if I purchase a travel policy after a known event (i.e. riot in Hong Kong)?

Can I purchase travel insurance if I am already overseas?

I'm travelling in more than one country during my trip. Can I still get a policy?

I will be travelling to more than two countries and will be back to Singapore before flying to the next country (e.g. Singapore > Thailand > Singapore > Australia > Singapore). Should I buy a single or multi-trip plan?

Cover and Benefits

What is the longest period of time that I am covered for?

Can I extend the period of cover if I decide to extend my trip while I am overseas?

What is the difference between Individual, Family and Group Package?

Does the group discount apply if there is any promotional discount offered? If so, how does it work?

Is my child covered under travel insurance when he/she travels alone with the school for an excursion trip overseas?

Am I covered for Trip Cancellation for other reasons that are not mentioned in the insured events?

Am I covered for Trip Interruption?

Does the policy cover business travel?

I am not able to travel for my business trip. Will the policy pay for a replacement traveller?

Am I covered for travel delay?

Am I covered for delayed baggage?

Will you cover loss of baggage?

What does "personal belongings" include?

Do you cover if my sports equipment that I use during my trip is damaged while being used?

Am I covered for loss, theft or accidental damage of valuables or personal money?

Am I covered for loss of passport/ travel documents?

Am I covered for the unauthorised charges made on my stolen credit cards while I'm overseas?

What should I do if any of my belongings are lost or stolen? Is a police report required?

If I, or an insured person on my policy, have/has an existing medical condition, can I/they still have cover under this policy?

Does being pregnant affect my travel insurance cover?

I might want to take part in sports and leisure activities while I'm away. How will I know if they are covered?

What kind of activities are considered as Dangerous Sports and Leisure activities?

Am I covered for emergency medical treatment including air ambulance to get me home?

Who decides when emergency evacuation is necessary?

What does the overseas Wedding & Wedding Photo shoot cover?

If I have misplaced my receipts/documents, can I still claim for loss of personal items?

What type of changes do I need to tell you about?

Help, my bags are lost/damaged/ have been stolen. Must I call the cops?


What is my NRIC/FIN number?

What do I indicate as the period of insurance for single trip plan?

Why did I receive a message saying that you are unable to provide me with an online quote?

Purchase and Payment

Is my payment secure?

Can I pay by monthly installments?

How and when will my instalment payments be deducted?

What will happen to my travel insurance policy if I fail to pay the instalment?

I have an IPP arrangement. What will happen if I cancel my annual multi-trip policy mid-term?

Can I pay for my insurance using someone else's credit card or bank account?

How do I know my insurance policy purchase has been successfully completed and I am insured?

I've noticed the details on my policy are incorrect, what should I do?

Why can't I go through the payment process?

Existing customers

Can I amend the start date on my travel policy?

Can I renew my policy online?

How do I access my policy online?

What do I do if I want to cancel my travel insurance policy after I have paid?

How do I submit feedback?

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

I am a member of the Singlife MINDEF/ MHA group insurance. Can I get a discount?