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Collect, Use and Disclosure

Potential Customers

Your personal data is provided to us when you make enquiry on our products and services or request to be on our mailing list, which we use to provide the services you requested. We keep the data only for the purpose for responding to your request.


In our business operation either through our website, distributors, vendors or partners, we collect your personal data for the purpose of application for insurance. We use your personal data to underwrite, administer the issuance of policy, maintenance of the insurance contract with us and claims administration. To keep cost low and maintain efficient service to you, we work with third party vendors with your data. We believe in working with third party vendors who are experts and use cutting edge technology to provide the service. We continually develop new products and keep you abreast of such new development through our third party marketing vendors and events.

Third Party Personal Data

When you provide personal data on a third party (e.g. spouse, children, parents), including and not limited to beneficiaries or as a life assured, it is deemed you have obtained their consent to provide to us for a specific purpose.

Distributors and Representatives

We collect and use your personal data to set up your access right to Singapore Life platform, commission administration and tagging to customers and supervision oversight framework.


In order for us to carry out our contractual relationship with you and to provide the best of service, we use your data for policy administration in the following ways.

Policy Administrations

Making changes or updates to your policy; providing ad-hoc or regular information about your policy; assessing, processing, settling, authenticating and investigating claims; verifying your identity and any information you provide to us; collecting premiums and making any payments to you in connection with our products and services.

Marketing Activities

Marketing and promoting the business activities, products and services of Singapore Life to you via, your chosen mode of communication (telephone calls, SMS, electronic mail); participating and administering contests, lucky draws, events and competitions; providing, managing, operating, processing and administering our products and services to you; archiving, backing-up or destroying personal data; to personalise the appearance of our customer portal, provide targeted advertising on our website or through other channels; for data matching, internal business and administrative purposes.

Investigation and Compliance

Conduct investigation for misconduct, monitoring and audit reviews; meeting requirements of prevailing internal policies of Singapore Life; meeting requirements imposed by any law, rules, regulations, agreements or schemes imposed by any government regulators, law enforcement agencies, government authorities, dispute resolution or industry bodies or in connection with any investigations.

Product Development

To design new or enhance existing products and services provided by us; for market, statistical or actuarial research and trend analysis of our products and services for company, regulatory or industry exercises and studies and reviewing the standard of our products and services.

Quality, Training and Communication

We maintain quality using recording on our communications with you to train our employees; to communicate with you including to send you administrative communications about any account you may have with us.


Personal data will be kept confidential but may, and where permitted by law, we provide such personal data to the following parties:

Policy Administration

Insurance distributor whom you have a relationship; third party service providers and employees of Singapore Life who provide administrative services, business process services, storage services, document processing and archiving services, information technology services, data centre services, payment services, data analytics services, marketing services and other services to Singapore Life in connection with the business of Singapore Life including but not limited to banks, credit card companies, credit agencies, investigators, reinsurers, hospitals and clinics; other companies that help gather your information or communicate with you, such as research companies and ratings agencies, in order to enhance the services we provide to you; Medical Sources and insurance organisations.


Our professional advisers such as our lawyers and auditors; any law enforcement agency, statutory board, government regulator, government authority, dispute resolution or industry bodies as necessary to comply with any laws, rules, regulations, agreements or schemes; any other party as permitted under applicable law.

Business Reasons

From time to time, we may purchase a business or sell one or more of our businesses (or portions thereof) and where permitted by law your personal data may be transferred or disclosed as a part of the purchase or sale or a proposed purchase or sale. In the event that we purchase a business, the personal data received with that business would be treated in accordance with this Data Protection Policy, if it is practicable and permissible to do so.

Access To, Correction and Accuracy

Access, Correction and Accuracy As Singapore Life relies on your personal data to provide products and services to you, you shall ensure that the information provided by you to us is at all times correct, accurate and complete. You shall update us in a timely manner of all changes to the information provided to us.


Protection and Retention


By providing your personal data to us, you accept that Singapore Life may retain your information for as long as necessary, to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it is collected in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and Singapore Life’s prevailing internal policies.


Singapore Life applies reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or use including limiting physical access to data within Singapore Life’s systems and encryption of sensitive data when transferring such data. Reasonable steps will be taken to delete, destroy or anonymise your personal data when it is no longer necessary for any of the purposes above.

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