Enjoy more perks when you pursue a healthy lifestyle.


We’re dedicated to helping those who help themselves. Our health programme not only encourages you to stay fit, but helps you save precious dollars.

Stay Active


Staying healthy is hard work, we know. That’s why we want to reward you for your efforts!


Join our Stay Active programme and sync your fitness tracker or pedometer with us. Every month, the most active participants with the highest step count will be rewarded with cashback on their policies. That’s all it takes.

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Step 1
Login and register

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Step 2:
Add your device and sync

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Step 3:
Stay active

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Step 4:
Receive rewards!

Earn 5% cashback if you are the top 50% of participants with the most number of steps for the month and another 5% when you share your results on Facebook!

Terms and Conditions

You must be an existing Singapore Life Policy Owner with an in-force Term Life insurance policy. The reward will be awarded back to qualifying participants as cashback rebates on your monthly premiums payable. You need to register for this campaign through the Singapore Life customer portal. You are responsible for self-management of your devices in order to ensure that Singapore Life receives the required data for the campaign. All participants will receive monthly email notifications on their eligibility for the premium cashback. Singapore Life reserves the right to change the promotional mechanics and Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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