Universal Life Insurance

A financial solution that better manages and grows your legacy. Your children can enjoy a bright future, just like yours.
You’d like to protect your wealth and assets while also securing your family’s financial future when uncertainty happens. A Universal Life plan is the answer. With Universal Life insurance, your wealth grows over time and it provides financial protection against death and terminal illness.

Why Choose Singlife’s Universal Life?

Growth Potential
Attractive crediting rate with minimum guaranteed 2% per annum.
Greater Certainty
Guaranteed cost of insurance charges for your policy’s lifetime.
Freedom to access your funds and adjust your coverage.
Additional Coverage
Get covered with Death and Terminal Illness Benefits.
Other Key Benefits
One of the highest day one cash values
Free withdrawal option from 5th anniversary
Option to lock in your crediting rate for up to 10 years
Joint life option

Exclusively available through the HNW Broker Channel.

Flexible policy configuration
NEW Enjoy Multi-Pay option for your premium
Quit smoking incentive

How It Works?

Denominated in US dollars, Singlife’s Universal Life plan is a non-participating whole life plan providing coverage for death and terminal illness. It also accumulates cash value over time.
Should you, the life assured, die while the policy is in-force, the death benefit will be paid out to the policy beneficiaries. The death benefit will be either the sum assured or the account value, whichever is higher.
In the event that you suffer from a terminal illness, an accelerated benefit of 25% of the sum assured (up to USD $2 million) will be paid out, with the sum assured and account value reduced proportionately.
While coverage is in place, premiums funding the policy will earn an attractive crediting rate, which helps your money grow steadily over time.
Coverage will remain in place until the policy expires, the full base benefit is paid, or if the policy is cancelled or fully surrendered.

Funding Your Policy

To fund your Universal Life policy, you can opt between making one lump sum payment or a series of flexible payments. Known as “planned premiums”, these payments are necessary for your policy to endow at age 100.
Flexible options to fund your policy
Spread the payment with the option available that meet your need the most.
Earn a crediting rate based on your allocated account
Opt to guarantee the crediting rate for up to ten years with the rate-lock option.

Universal Life: A Key Component in Any Financial Plan

A Universal Life policy provides two key things: protection and accumulation of wealth. It can help reach your financial goals.
Plan your legacy
Don’t let your hard work go to waste; build and pass on your wealth and assets to future generations.
Diversify your portfolio
Preserve your wealth by investing funds in a low risk financial instrument that provides steady returns.
Ensure business continuity
Shield your business from instability arising from loss of key personnel.
Leave a financial gift for your loved ones
Give your family members a financial head start by transferring your benefits to them.
Contribute to a cause you believe in
Leave a positive impact by giving to a charity or organization.

Take Control of Your Legacy Today

Singlife’s Universal Life plan is now available for application through our third party Financial Advisers and HNW Brokers. Keen to find out more?

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