Grow FAQ

Grow FAQs

Any lock-in period for my investment?

Can I apply this plan on a joint owner / life basis?

Can I choose the model portfolio myself?

Can I do ad-hoc top up?

Can I terminate my policy?

Does Singlife offer any financial advice?

Is switching available under the plan?

Is there regular saving plan option available?

Which currency do you accept?

What are the key features of Grow plan?

What are the minimum investment amounts?

What happened if I do not meet the CKA requirements?

How would I know if I have the knowledge or experience to purchase Grow?

Who can apply for this plan?

What is rebalancing?

Can I make partial withdrawals?

Can I invest in specific ILP sub-fund(s)?

What is the target asset allocation for each portfolio?

What is the Singlife's Model Portfolio?

How often will I need to go through the CKA?

What is CKA?

Is there a lock-in period?

What are the charges payable?

What are the payment methods available?

What does the basic benefits cover?

How can I access all the investment related details for my plan?

When will I receive the proceeds from my partial withdrawal/full surrender request(s) from Grow?

Will there be any monthly statement for my plan?