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MHA Group Insurance Scheme

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MHA Group Insurance

To thank you for your service, the MINDEF and MHA have jointly created MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance to provide a new and comprehensive insurance that can give you and your family greater assurance and peace of mind.

From 1 July 2016, you¹ can enjoy S$150,000 Group Term Life and S$150,000 Group Personal Accident insurance coverage during the terms of service, with premiums paid for by MHA.

Do note that this coverage is under the Core Scheme. If you wish to further cover yourself outside the terms of service or cover your spouse/children at competitive premiums, do purchase additional coverage under the Voluntary Scheme from 1 October 2016 onwards.

The Voluntary Scheme comprises Group Term Life, Group Personal Accident and optional riders such as Living Care, Living Care Plus, Disability Income and Outpatient Medicare.

Group Term Life

Get S$1 million coverage for just S$1.37 per day for you and your dependants.

Group Personal Accident

24/7 worldwide protection against mishaps.

Boost your coverage with our riders

Add-on riders to your Group Personal Accident or Group Term Life plan

Living Care

Get protection against 37 common critical illnesses2.

Living Care Plus

Enhanced protection against early critical illnesses3.

Disability Income

Receive a monthly payout if ever you become disabled.

Outpatient Medicare

Coverage for your family's outpatient medical expenses.


Enjoy these special savings

Claim your privileges as an insured member of the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Scheme when you buy our car, home and travel plans.

Up to 39% off Car Insurance

New customers will enjoy 15% discount on top of any existing promotion for their Singlife Car Insurance premium and riders.

Up to 43% off Travel Insurance

Be it single or multi-trip plans for individuals or groups, enjoy 30% off on top of any existing promotion for your Singlife Travel Insurance!

Up to 58% savings on Home Insurance

We'll upgrade you to the next higher tier of plan so you can enjoy premiums savings of up to 58%.


If you need more information, please read our FAQ here.

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Get comprehensive coverage exclusively designed to give you greater assurance.

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