Image of Payouts with PayNow

Payouts via PayNow-NRIC/FIN

Singapore aims to go cheque-less by 2025, as part of the country’s push towards being a digital-first nation.  At Singlife, we believe this will be better for customers and will progressively roll out payments via PayNow.

Please register for PayNow with your bank, using your NRIC/FIN.

Do note that PayNow-NRIC/FIN is not the same as PayNow-Mobile Number/ PayNow-UEN.

You need to register with your NRIC/FIN for payments to go through.



Safe & Secure

Adopts the same high security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for funds transfer



No wrong account numbers and proof of bank statement required



No more missing cheques and depositing cheques at the banks 



Payments can still be made via PayNow-NRIC/FIN even if your mobile number changes



One-time registration with your preferred bank to access service 24/7