Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme (POGIS)

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What is POGIS?

POGIS is a public officers group insurance scheme introduced by Singlife. When you work in public service, you dedicate your life to serving the nation. As you continuously strive to make an impact on other lives, it's important to know that your needs and that of your loved ones are taken care.

That's where the Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme (POGIS) comes in - a life protection plan exclusively for public officers, so you can care for your family while stretching your dollar.

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High term life coverage

Up to S$500,000 for you, your spouse1, and your children2.


Lump-sum payout

In the event of death, total and permanent disability, or upon diagnosis of terminal illness3.


Free coverage for your children

From 12 months to 6 years old, if both parents are insured under POGIS4.

What's covered under POGIS?

Enjoy worldwide POGIS coverage till you're 75 years old5, whether you're in Singapore or overseas. Our group term life insurance is designed to protect you and your loved ones, from as low as 41 cents per month6.



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High coverage amount

Up to S$500,000 for you and your spouse till 65 or 75 years old1, as well as your children till 18 years old2.


Protection for a variety of scenarios

Pays in the event of death, partial and permanent disability7, total and permanent disability (TPD), or upon diagnosis of terminal illness3.


Additional payout for accidental death

25% lump-sum payout of your coverage amount.


Additional monthly payout for TPD

1% of the coverage amount for 24 months8, on top of a lump-sum payout.


Option to enhance your coverage

Worry less about the cost burden of critical illness with our riders.


Free coverage for your children

For children aged 12 months to 6 years old, if both parents are insured under POGIS4.


Continue being covered even after you retire

With the Extended Years Coverage5 benefit, you can continue to be insured for up to S$300,000 till age 75, even after you retire.

Product Brochure

Affordable and comprehensive life protection for you and your loved ones.

Product Summary

Overview on the product features, benefits and premiums etc.



1  You and your legal spouse must be at least 16 years old at the point of application. The maximum age for you and your spouse to take up this policy is 64 years old. The coverage will terminate at the end of the policy year when you or your spouse reaches 65 years old. If you or your spouse have opted in for Extended Years Coverage, the coverage will terminate at the end of the policy year when you or your spouse reaches 75 years old.

  Your biological or legally adopted child must be at least 12 months old at the point of application. The maximum age for your child to take up this policy is 17 years old. Your child’s cover will terminate at the end of the policy year when your child reaches 18 years old. This plan does not cover any claim or loss arising from the insured taking part in full-time National Service.

A survival period of 30 days will apply from the date of diagnosis of the terminal illness.

  The sum assured for the child will be based on the lower sum assured for the parents if the two parents have a different sum assured. Once the child reaches 6 years old (i.e. 6th birthday), the prevailing monthly premium for the child’s sum assured will be charged. If both parents are public officers and wish to enjoy free coverage for their child, they would have to apply for POGIS on the basis of a main applicant and spouse. If they apply for POGIS separately (i.e. both as main applicants), their child will not be eligible for the free coverage.

  Public officers will be notified via a letter before they turn 65 years old, to opt in to extend their coverage (under “Extended Years Coverage”) up to 75 years old. 
This also applies to the following groups of public officers who: 


  • Leave the public service under age-limit/early/optional retirement;
  • Retire on medical grounds; or
  • Leave the public service under the Special Resignation Scheme, Special Exit Scheme and Special Gratuity Scheme.

Public officers can choose to extend their coverage beyond 65 years old without underwriting if the sum assured is not increased (subject to the maximum sum assured of S$300,000). If the reduced sum assured results in a higher sum assured for your spouse, your spouse’s sum assured will be reduced to the same amount as yours. 
When the maximum age of 75 years old is attained during the policy year, the insurance cover will be terminated at the end of that prevailing policy year. Each policy year runs from 1 July to 30 June of the following year, regardless of the commencement date of the insured’s cover.

6  The monthly premium of 41 cents per insured is for S$10,000 sum assured and assumes that each insured is 45 years old or below (age next birthday).

  Partial and permanent disability must happen within 365 days from the date of the accident. Please refer to the table of compensation in the Product Summary.

  In the event of total and permanent disability, an additional 1% of the sum assured will be payable monthly for the next 24 months, or up to 65 years old (or 75 years old if the insured has opted in for the Extended Years Coverage), or upon death of the insured, whichever is earliest.

Add-ons for extra protection

Need enhanced coverage? Consider these critical illness add-ons when you purchase POGIS.

Critical Illness rider

Protection against 37 critical illnesses.

List of 37 Critical Illness

Early Critical Illness rider

Protection against 10 early critical illnesses.

List of 10 Early Critical Illness

Are you eligible for POGIS?

Working in government ministries, statutory boards or organs of state? You're eligible for POGIS's affordable coverage.

  • Government ministries
  • Statutory boards
  • Organs of state

Should you qualify as a public officer, your spouse1 and children2 are covered too.


The following personnel are not eligible:

  • Full-time SAF servicemen
  • MINDEF DXOs and
  • Home Team uniformed personnel

You may refer to the MINDEF & MHA group insurance scheme instead.


For POGIS members and their family

As long as you're insured with us*, you'll get to enjoy these special savings on our car, home and travel plans.

  • 01
    Up to 32% off Car Insurance

    New customers enjoy 15% discount on top of any existing promotion for your Singlife Car Insurance premium and riders, when you buy online directly from us*.


    *Not applicable for renewals.


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  • 02
    Up to 48% off Travel Insurance

    You and your family enjoy up to 48% off single trip plans for individuals or groups.


    For year-round protection, choose our annual multi-trip plan and get up to 48% off. 


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  • 03
    Up to 57% off Home Insurance

    You'll be upgraded to the next tier of Home Insurance plan so you can enjoy premium savings of up to 57%, when you buy online directly from us.

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Who's eligible for these special savings?

Anyone insured under POGIS qualifies.


In addition, loved ones of POGIS members also qualify:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Siblings

Note: Copies of relevant marriage or birth certificates must be submitted as proof of relationship within 7 days of policy purchase.


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You can download the GIRO Application Form here and the Transfer & Termination Form here.

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As this product has no savings or investment feature, there is no cash value if the policy ends or if the policy is terminated prematurely. Buying a health insurance policy that is not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. 

This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the standard terms and conditions of this policy can be found in the relevant certificate of insurance. 

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