Medical Insurance

In the event of hospitalisation, rest and recuperate with your desired level of comfort.

Singlife Shield

Value-add your protection with an additional health insurance cover that complements the benefits of your MediShield Life plan.
  • Enjoy a high policy year limit of up to S$2,000,000

  • Offers as-charged coverage for inpatient hospital treatments

  • 10% co-insurance (Exclusive)

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Singlife Health Plus

Upsize your Singlife Shield plan with Singlife Health Plus and enhance your medical coverage with extra benefits.
  • Limit your out-of-pocket expenses with a co-insurance cap of S$3,000

  • Get lump-sum payout of S$10,000 for Critical Illnesses

  • Covers cancer of up to S$30,000 per policy year

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Singlife Cancer Cover Plus

A medical plan that offers protection against hefty medical bills from cancer treatments.
  • Covers cancer treatments

  • Provides as-charged coverage for claims

  • High annual coverage limit of up to S$1.5 mil

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