Read these important notes before you begin
  1. All sections of our forms must be duly completed to avoid unnecessary delay. Indicate as “N.A.” if not applicable.

  2. Where softcopies are submitted to us, please retain the original document for at least 6 months as we may request to sight the original copy.

  3. Any fees for completion of the Doctor’s Statement and/or medical evidence shall be borne by the claimant(s).

  4. All overseas documents must be certified by a Notary Public of the country where documents are produced.

  5. All documents must be in English. Any documents which are in foreign languages must be officially translated to English by a certified translator.

Mode of Payment

For a better payment experience, Individual Life (i.e. non-Corporate or General Insurance policies) SGD payments to the assignee/trustee/nominee/ proper claimant (if applicable) will be credited to the bank account linked to PayNow-NRIC/FIN. Please check that you have registered for PayNow with your bank, using your NRIC/FIN.

Download claim forms
Forms to be completed by the claimant
Death Claim Form
Declaration of Beneficial Owner Form
Doctor's Statement to be completed by the attending doctor
Death Claim - Doctor’s Statement
Prepare the necessary documents for your claim
  1. Death Claim Form – to be completed by claimant/Corporate Policyholders 

  2. Death Claim – Doctor’s Statement (to be completed by the attending doctor of the deceased's last illness or accident) 

  3. Copy of Death Certificate 

  4. Copy of Identity Card or Passport of the deceased 

  5. Copy of Identity Card  or Passport of the claimant (Not applicable for Corporate Policyholders) 

  6. Copy of Identity Card/Passport/Birth Certificate of all surviving family members of the deceased (Not applicable for Corporate Policyholders) 

  7. Copy of Last Will and Testament of the deceased (Not applicable for Corporate Policyholders) 

  8. Copy of Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration of the deceased (Not applicable for Corporate Policyholders) 

  9. Copy of Identity Card or Passport of all the beneficiary(ies), Executor(s) and Trustee(s) named in the Last Will and Testament of the deceased (Not applicable for Corporate Policyholders) 

  10. Any other documents that support the claim (e.g. official certificate of appointment of the legal guardian of minor’s beneficiary) 

  11. Copy of bank passbook/statement or e-statement for account verification (Applicable for Corporate Policyholders or Executor/Administrator of the Estate)* 

  12. Proof of claimant’s relationship with deceased as follows (where applicable): 

Claimant  Documents required

Spouse     Marriage Certificate of claimant 

Children  Birth Certificate of claimant 

Parent      Birth Certificate of deceased 

Sibling      Birth Certificate of deceased and claimant


Additional documents required if death was unnatural / due to an accident OR occurred overseas:

13. Newspaper clipping

14. Police report including any investigation notes

15. Coroner’s inquest

16. Post mortem and toxicology report

17. Letter from Immigration and Checkpoint Authority for Singaporean or Permanent Residents (PR) who died overseas confirming the invalidation of deceased’s Identity Card or Passport

18. Repatriation report (if body was repatriated to Singapore for cremation/burial)

19. Burial/Cremation documentation (if cremation or burial occurred overseas)


Additional documents required if Death Claim Form completed by Corporate Policyholder:

20. Copy of ACRA search report within the past 6 months/Certificate of Incorporation

21. Copy of Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association

22. Copy of Board Resolution


*Note: Customers who wish to receive policy benefits and/or claims proceeds via electronic fund transfer will need to provide us with a copy of their bank passbook/statement or e-statement with full name and account number clearly indicated on the same page. All other information may be blanked out.

Submit your claim through your preferred channel

Financial Adviser Representative or Intermediaries


In-person at our customer service centre


Post to:

Singlife Customer Service Centre

4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807

Attention: Individual Life Claims


Email to:

[email protected]

Please use the email subject: 

Claim Submission: [Policy Number] - [Type of Claim]