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Applicable to customers of Singlife Accident Guard or Singlife Simple Term with Personal Accident cover.


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Customers are able to save a draft of their digital submission at any time and retrieve it later to complete their claim process.


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Prepare the necessary documents for your claim
  1. Doctor's Statement to be completed by the attending doctor

  2. Copy of the Inpatient Discharge Summary 

  3. Copy of any diagnostic reports, radiology, X-ray reports, laboratory evidence and any relevant hospital reports 

  4. Copy of all medical leave certificates by the Life Assured/Insured Person’s employer

  5. Copy of final hospital/ medical invoices and receipts (Interim invoices are not acceptable) 

  6. Copy of claim settlement letter if there was a reimbursement of medical expenses from other insurance policies (if any) 

  7. Copy of MediSave Transaction Statement or Healthcare Payments and Claims Statement from CPF Board if there was payment using MediSave or MediShield Life (if any)

  8. Toxicology report (if any)

  9. Newspaper clipping (if any) 

  10. Police report including any investigation notes

  11. Copy of the Identity Card or Passport of the Life Assured/Insured Person

  12. Any other documents that support the claim (e.g. official certificate of appointment of the legal guardian of Life Assured/Insured Person who is a minor)

In addition, for claims under the Mobility Aid and Home Modifications: 

  1. Copy of tax invoices and receipts for the cost incurred 

  2. Doctor’s written recommendation and prescription for purchase of mobility aid and/or home modifications