Get an overview of your insurance portfolio across Singlife and other insurers in one place on BetterView, powered by SGFinDex!

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What is BetterView?

Singlife’s BetterView enables you to view your policy details across 7 insurers securely at one go via a dashboard on the Singlife App. 

Powered by Singapore Financial Data Exchange (SGFinDex), BetterView retrieves your insurance portfolio upon your approval for your secure viewing. Gain a better understanding of your insurance portfolio and coverage through a guided overview. 



Comprehensive and convenient

Forget manual collation. View your insurance portfolio across 7 insurers in one place with BetterView.


Easy on-the-go access

Access a consolidated view of your complete insurance portfolio on the Singlife App, anytime, anywhere.


Secure and safe

Your data will be encrypted and protected. All authentication and authorisation processes are underpinned by Singpass.

Choose BetterView, Choose Convenience

Empowering you to take complete control of your insurance policies.

A guided overview for all your coverage

With BetterView, you can access your coverage, policy values and premium outlay across several insurers through a guided overview – better equipping you for a personal financial review with your financial adviser.

Review coverage for yourself and your loved ones

Retrieve targeted and meaningful summaries on coverage for yourself or your loved ones with BetterView’s filter feature. 

Identify coverage gaps

BetterView helps you identify areas where you are missing coverage. Fill in those gaps by purchasing policies from our website or speaking with our friendly financial advisers. 

Plan your Premium Payments

Get a detailed oversight of your monthly and yearly premium commitments to better customise a payment schedule that fits your needs.

Plus, you can review your payment methods regularly across policies to avoid policy lapses.

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the Singlife App

The Singlife App is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



the Singlife App

For new users, create a Singlife ID to continue. If you’re a user of MySinglife portal, log in with your email address.



with SGFinDex

Access BetterView to connect with SGFinDex. All authentication and authorisation processes are underpinned by Singpass.



your data on BetterView

Once you’ve enabled authorisation, sync your data on BetterView to view your insurance policies at one glance.

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Get a BetterView of your policies on the Singlife App!

Scan the QR code to download the Singlife App.


What is the purpose of SGFinDex?


A joint initiative by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG), SGFinDex enables you to establish secure connections between your financial information sources and view a comprehensive summary of your finances in a single glance. By doing so, you can gain enhanced transparency about your financial situation, enabling you to plan with greater confidence for your future, your family, and your retirement. 

Who are the participating insurers?


Singlife, AIA, Great Eastern, HSBC Life, Income, Manulife, Prudential.

As a Singlife customer, what do I need before setting up BetterView on my Singlife App?


For existing users of MySinglife portal, simply log in with your email address. For existing Singlife App users, simply log in with your mobile number. For new Singlife App users, you will need to create a login account using your mobile number after downloading the app.

Once you have completed the above step, you will require a valid Singpass account to login to SGFinDex and connect to other insurers. After you have retrieved and synced your data, you will be able to get an overview of your insurance portfolio(s) on BetterView via the Singlife App.  

If I do not have Singpass, will I be able to use BetterView?


Yes, you can. However, you will only be able to view selected Singlife policies on BetterView.  

To view your insurance portfolio(s) from other insurers, you will require a valid Singpass account to login to SGFinDex. Eligible users without a Singpass account may register for Singpass at

I gave consent to retrieve all my financial data. How long does my consent last?


Your consent period lasts for 365 days (inclusive of the first day) after your first consent was given.

For example, if you have given consent for Singlife to release data to SGFinDex on 1 January 2023, and subsequently made another consent for another financial institution to release data to SGFinDex on 1 February 2023, all consent given will expire on 31 December 2023.

Can I revoke my consent to share information?


Yes, you may revoke consent for some or all the financial institutions that you have given consent to before the one-year consent validity period is up.  

For example, if you have given consent on SGFinDex to release data from insurers A, B, and C to Singlife and the consent is within the one-year consent validity period, you may choose to revoke consent to release data from insurer A to Singlife while retaining consent for insurers B and C.


To do so, 

  • Tap on “Manage SGFinDex” on the BetterView dashboard 

  • Tap on “Add or remove financial institutions” 

  • Tap on “Add or remove consent”  

  • Authenticate yourself with Singpass

  • Select the FI(s) and tap on “Yes, disconnect”

Will Singlife share my financial information with other financial institutions without my consent?


Your financial information will only be shared after you provide your consent for Singlife to release your information to SGFinDex and for the participating financial institutions to retrieve the information via SGFinDex.

I have consented for my insurance data to be released – what kind of data will be released?


The data from insurers includes individual life and health insurance information pertaining to: 


  • Product type 

  • Policy details (e.g., name of policyholder and insured, policy maturity date, policy surrender information, policy premium information) 

  • Coverage details (e.g., product name, sum insured, hospitalisation limit coverage and benefits, plan effective and expiry date) 

  • Fund details (where applicable – e.g., fund name and fund market value) 

  • Premium details, including total premium term and total premium paid and premium due date 

  • Investment payout amount and payout frequency 

  • Projected future policy value (where applicable) 


More information on insurers’ data is available at  
Please note that you will only be able to retrieve information on insurance policies in which you are the policyholder or joint policyholder. You will not be able to retrieve information on insurance policies which you are the life insured and/or payer, if you are not the policyholder.

What security measures are in place to safeguard my financial data while retrieving it through SGFinDex in BetterView?


SGFinDex employs strict security protocols to protect your personal information that flows through its system. Your data is encrypted during retrieval via SGFinDex, and only the financial planning application(s) or website(s) that you have explicitly authorised can decrypt it. The authentication and authorisation process are underpinned by Singpass.

I’m not able to view my policies on BetterView. What should I do?


Please contact our Customer Service at 6827 9933 (8.45 am to 5.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays) or [email protected]