Register for a User ID

To register, download and print the registration form. Full details on the registration process can be found on the form. 


Mail the completed form to Singapore Life Ltd:


Attention to Singlife EBConnect Admin

Singlife Ltd, Group Business 

4 Shenton Way

#25-01 SGX Centre 2

Singapore 068807


Your application will be reviewed and processed within three to five working days. 


Once the User ID is created, the user will be notified via email. 


Log in using your email address and the first-time password provided. 


If you need further assistance, please contact us at +65 6827 8030

EBConnect makes the management of corporate insurance plans a breeze!

1. Functions

The portal  offers an extensive list of functions to  help in the general administration of your corporate insurance plans with Singlife.


They include member profile management; claims submission and view; financial tools to estimate claimable amounts, benefit entitlements, plan entitlements; Letter of Guarantee requests and reviews; and data reports generation.


Singlife will continue to add new functions to improve your EBConnect experience.


2. Benefits

  • View a copy of the claims letter online.
  • View claims documents submitted by employees.
  • Flexible administrative set-up, with the ability to create User roles and related features that best suit the servicing needs.
  • View complete benefit table for specific members and the company as a whole.
  • Balance entitlement feature.


3. How to use

Register for a User ID


To register for a User ID by download and print the registration form, and mail to Singapore Life Ltd. The detailed registration process can be found within the registration form.


For further assistance, contact Singlife at +65 6827 8030.


How to log in

Log in by visiting us at  EBConnect