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Please submit your claims through our online portal instead of in-person at our service centers.

Kindly ensure the required documents are submitted to facilitate your claims process and avoid unnecessary delays.

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Where to submit claims: email to Singlife claims support

We strongly encourage online submission of claims so you can enjoy a faster claims process.


For claims that require reimbursements for upfront expenses paid (medical receipts, purchase receipts, etc.), indicate your policy number on your original documents and submit to:

Singlife Travel Insurance Claims, Singapore Life Ltd.

4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre 2

Singapore 068807

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Singlife will be in touch with you within 3 working days after claims submission

You'll receive an acknowledgement email from us within 3 working days after your claims submission. If we need further information, we'll get in touch within 30 working days. 


Once your claim is approved, you'll receive an email from us and your claim payout will be paid via PayNow within 3 business days.


Please ensure that your PayNow account is registered under your NRIC in order to receive the payment successfully. Otherwise, the bank will mail you a physical cheque within 14 business days.

Useful Claims Information

Making a travel insurance claim should be stress-free so we're here to help. 

Emergency Assistance Whilst Overseas


In case of an emergency while you are overseas, our emergency assistance lines are available 24 hours, every day of the week. You can reach us at +65 6460 9391 or through WhatsApp messaging at +65 8869 5920.


Our emergency assistance service is operated by a designated company who specialises in: 


  • Arranging for emergency medical evacuation and/or repatriation.
  • Arranging for emergency medical treatment and/or hospital admission.
  • Monitoring of your emergency medical condition.
  • Delivery of essential medicine.
  • Medical translation service.
  • Arrangement of repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Arrangement of a compassionate visit.
  • Arrangement of the return of minor children.
  • Emergency air ticket assistance.
  • Emergency message transmission assistance.
  • Emergency loss/stolen cards reporting.
  • Emergency document delivery.
  • Telephone medical advice.
  • Assistance upon your loss of passport or other travel documents and their replacement.
  • Assistance upon your loss of baggage.
  • Arranging for emergency tickets, replacements of tickets and arrangement of hotel accommodation when traveling outside the home country or usual country of residence.
  • Providing the name, address, telephone number and office hours for lawyers and legal practitioners worldwide.


In addition to all of the above, they also provide:

  • Medical service provider referral.
  • Arrangement of appointments with local doctors for treatment.Inoculation and visa requirement information.
  • Pre-trip information on weather conditions and exchange rates.
  • Providing the name, address, telephone number and office hours for interpreters worldwide.
  • Locating the nearest appropriate consulate or embassy whilst you are overseas.

Supporting Documents Required


Please include the following documents when submitting your claim for quicker processing:  


Common Documents for all Travel Insurance Claims

  • Flight/carrier itinerary or passport stamp, which shows the date of departure and return to Singapore (if applicable).
  • Boarding pass or card.


Personal Accident / Medical Expenses / Hospital Benefit / Prebooked Golfing Green Fees


  • Original medical bills.
  • Medical report or discharge summary on onset date, cause, extent of permanent disability (if applicable) and nature of injury or illness.
  • Police report for accident, mugging, kidnap and hostage cases.
  • Death certificate, autopsy report and coroner's findings, permit to bury or cremate (death claim)
  • Proof of relationship between deceased and claimant (death claim).
  • Confirmation from the golf course where the pre booked green fees were paid that they are non-refundable.


Trip Cancellation or Interruption


  • Tour itinerary and tour booking invoice or receipt.
  • Travel agency/airline/carrier/pre-booked accommodation confirmation on the cost of non-refundable prepaid traveling expenses (including cancellation fees).
  • Written advice/medical certificate from a qualified attending medical practitioner confirming that you were unfit to travel (for cases of serious injury or illness).
  • Death certificate (where someone's death caused this trip cancellation).
  • Proof of relationship between deceased/injured/sick person.


Delayed Departure or Diversion of Journey or Overbooked Flight, Voyage or Train or Missed Departure and/or Connection


  • Flight/carrier itinerary, boarding pass or passport stamp, which shows the date of departure and return to Singapore.
  • Airline/carrier or their handling agent's confirmation on the cause and duration of travel delay and/or missed connection.


Baggage Delay


  • Property irregularity report.
  • Airline/carrier delay report and acknowledgement slip for your baggage delay claim.


Loss or Damage of Baggage, Golf Equipment and /or Travel Documents / Theft of Jewellery & Personal Money


  • Police report of the lost item(s).
  • Baggage loss or damage report.
  • Confirmation letter from airlines, carrier or travel agent/operator of amount paid as compensation for loss incurred.
  • Any photographs of the damage.
  • Original repair bill for damaged item(s)/original purchase receipt or warranty card of lost/damaged item(s).


Hijack & Hostage


  • Confirmation letter from airlines, carrier or travel agent/operator of incident details.


Hire of Replacement Golf Clubs


  • Airline/carrier delay report and acknowledgement slip for your golf club delay claim.
  • Receipt showing duration and cost of hiring a replacement set of golf clubs.


Personal Liability


Please note that any correspondence you receive regarding this section of your policy should be sent to us immediately.

Do not admit any liability or make any offer, promise or payment to the third party.

  • Copy of any police report if applicable.


Rental Vehicle Excess


  • Full rental agreement.
  • Accident report / police report.