Singlife Care Collab

Be empowered to navigate uncertainties with this all-round health support ecosystem.

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What is Singlife Care Collab?

Going the distance for your health

Our role as a financial services provider doesn’t stop at giving you financial security. We’re committed to being your health partner, supporting you through life’s ups and downs. So, we’re proud to introduce Singlife Care Collab, a one-stop health services hub with trusted healthcare providers.


Created specially for our valued policyholders and your loved ones, it gives you convenient access to preventive care as well as other healthcare services: long-term care, cancer treatment and more. It’s your very own healthcare support circle and a better way to take charge of your wellbeing.

Who is Singlife Care Collab created for?

Your wellbeing comes first. Have peace of mind with the right support.

Whether you're a caregiver or policyholder, Singlife Care Collab gives you easy access to a comprehensive range of health support services so you can focus on what's important to you. 


Looking after a loved one can be overwhelming and even confusing. With specialised support, such as a helpline for all your questions and useful guides for caregivers, you'll be able to navigate this journey confidently. 


During a personal health challenge, seeking help shouldn't add to your stress and you should be able to focus on recovery. Beyond insurance claims assistance, we'll help you manage mind-boggling financial matters, access psychological support and more. 

Access an Extensive Directory of Preventative Care and Healthcare Services with our Partners

Dementia Care and Services

Long-term care and health services and resources



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