Critical Illness Insurance

With these plans, you can take your mind off your finances and focus on your recovery.

Singlife Big 3 Critical Illness

A critical illness plan which boosts cover for cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Get 200% of the sum assured for cancer, heart attack, stroke and 13 specific heart and neurological conditions at the early, intermediate, or severe stages

  • Get 100% of the sum assured for the other 44 severe-stage Critical Illnesses

  • Additional support for ICU fees

  • Additional coverage for heart treatment

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Singlife Comprehensive Critical Illness

(Previously known as My Early Critical Illness Plan II)

A plan that gives you the financial support to tackle all stages of critical illness and other health challenges
  • Covers early, intermediate and severe stages of specified critical illnesses

  • Provides an additional payout upon admission to Intensive Care Unit for 4 days or more

  • Provides an additional payout if diagnosed with any conditions covered under the Special Benefit

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Singlife Multipay Critical Illness

(Previously known as My MultiPay Critical Illness Plan IV) 

A plan that provides multiple payouts for different stages of critical illnesses and medical conditions, so you are supported at every unexpected turn
  • Covers 132 conditions across early, intermediate and severe stages of critical illnesses

  • Protects you against specified recurrent critical illnesses

  • Provides a total payout of up to 900% of your sum assured for critical illnesses

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Singlife Essential Critical Illness

(Previously known as MyCoreCI Plan II) 

A critical illness plan that gives you the assurance whether you are in the pink of health or have an existing health condition
  • Get coverage even with pre-existing conditions

  • Easy application with just 6 questions

  • Customise your premiums based on your existing health conditions

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