MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance FAQ

Eligibility and Application

Who are eligible for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme?

How do I retrieve a quote online and upgrade my plan?

How do I apply?

I had recently done a full medical examination. Can I use the report for the purpose of applying for this insurance?

Can I insure my children?


What are the policies offered under the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme?

I would like to apply $1million coverage of Group Term Life (GTL) policy and I declare my pre-existing medical condition, will Singlife decline my application?

Do all the MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme policies provide worldwide coverage?

How long can MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life cover me?

Does this insurance cover adopted children and/or stepchildren?

In the unfortunate event that I pass away before my insured spouse (dependant), can my spouse continue with the insurance coverage?

Can MINDEF & MHA members/affiliate members and their dependants be insured under different policies?

Can my spouse and children apply for Living Care policy?

Can I sign up for Group Disability Income insurance? What should I do if there's a change in my income?

I am a SAF NSman and a Home Team officer. Can I sign up both MINDEF Group Insurance and MHA Group Insurance?

If I’ve applied for the Group Outpatient Medicare rider, when can I start enjoying the benefits?


How do I make a claim?

In an unfortunate event that I pass away, how will the death benefit be paid out?

Can I claim for hospitalization expenses under Group Term Life policy?

If I am insured with Group Term Life policy with Living Care policy, and I am diagnosed with one of the 37 critical illnesses, what will happen to my Group Term Life policy?

Premium Payment

What shall I do if I do not have enough money in my bank account for the monthly GIRO deduction?

How can I make my monthly premium payment if I have insufficient funds in my GIRO account and am currently not in Singapore?

How do I change my GIRO bank account?

When will the premiums be deducted from my GIRO account?

What is the grace period for payment of premium?

Is there a free look period?

Will I receive annual renewal notice?

Will a new policy document be given to me upon renewal every year?

Once the premium is paid, does Singlife issue a receipt?

Can the premiums paid be used for tax relief?


How do I terminate my/dependant's MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance policy?

Can I come to your Customer Service Hall to sign up for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme or to terminate this insurance?

Why is it that I am not given an insurance policy document? I was only given an insurance certificate many years' back, but I have lost it. What is the procedure to request for duplicate policy or insurance certificate?

Change of Personal Particulars

I have formally changed my name. Please advise me how I can update my insurance record?

How do I update my address for my MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance?


I have received a lapse/termination letter, which stated that there were insufficient funds in my bank account last month. Can you advise me how I can reinstate my lapsed policy?


Will my pre-existing condition be excluded?

How long will it take to approve my application for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance policy and commence coverage?

Nomination of Beneficiaries

Can I make nomination of beneficiaries for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme?



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