Can I insure my children?

Yes. Your children from birth are eligible to take up MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance provided you are eligible to apply as the main insured person or have an existing MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life or/and Group Personal Injury policy. Your children must be below the age of 45 at next birthday and are unmarried.

How do I apply?

Application for MINDEF Group Insurance Scheme can be submitted via MINDEF Group Insurance Online.

Application for MHA Group Insurance Scheme can be submitted via MHA Group Insurance Online.

If you wish to apply for GIRO, please download and complete the GIRO application form . Send us the completed GIRO form via post to the address below: 

Singapore Life Ltd
Group Business
4 Shenton Way #01-01, SGX Centre 2
Singapore 068807

If you are eligible to apply and are applying for your dependents, you will need to complete one application form for each insured person. Only one GIRO form is required per family. Your spouse and/or your child can apply with you.

How do I retrieve a quote online and upgrade my plan?

For MINDEF personnel, you may get a quote and upgrade your Group Term Life and Group Personal Injury online.

For MHA personnel, you may get a quote and upgrade your Group Term Life and Group Personal Injury online.

I had recently done a full medical examination. Can I use the report forthe purpose of applying for this insurance?

For the purpose of applying for the insurance, we only require you to declare your health condition in the Health Questionnaire. For some, we may require you to undergo specific medical tests or checks.

You may also submit a photocopy of your recent medical examination report with your application form. However, the check-up must be within 6 months from your submission date. If your medical report is inadequate or not relevant, our insurance underwriters will communicate with you through phone or mail.

What is the maximum age limit for new main applicants to sign up?

Eligibility criteria as a new main applicant is based on the statutory age for NS liability. Non-commissioned officers are eligible to sign up until the age of 40, while commissioned officers and key appointment holders are eligible to sign up until the age of 50.

Who are eligible for MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Voluntary Scheme?


  • Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs)
  • Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen)
  • Regulars (Full-time, Part-time and Contract Service) servicemen in the:
    • MINDEF / MINDEF and MHA [including Defence Executive Officers (DXOs)]
    • Singapore Police Force (SPF)
    • Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
    • Singapore Prison Service (SPS)
    • Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB)
    • Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
  • Public Officers working with MINDEF or MHA
  • Volunteers:
    • MINDEF and MHA Volunteer Corps (MINDEF and MHA VC)
    • NS Volunteers (or equivalent)
    • Reservist On Voluntary Extended Reserve Service (ROVERS)
    • SPF Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC)
    • SCDF Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU)

Affiliate Members

  • Employee (Full-time, Part-time and Contract Service) of the Authority-affiliated entities including:
    • Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA)/DSTA-affiliated entity
    • MINDEF-related Organisations (MROs)
    • MHA-related Organisations - CRA, SCORE, HTX

The entry age must not be above age 65.

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The information contained here is accurate as at 1 Jan 2023.