Whether you’re just starting your first job, becoming a parent for the first time or looking to retire, the Singlife Milestone Map is here to help you find a better way to financial freedom.  

Into the real world


Welcome to the world of endless possibilities! You’ve graduated and now you’re onto your latest adventure – your career! As you think about shaping your career, it’s also the perfect time to start plotting your finances. Your job is not just a paycheck; it's the launchpad to your dreams. Embrace a journey where every achievement, big or small, becomes a stepping stone to your future.

Getting married, a new life together


Love is in the air! Congratulations on taking one of life’s big leaps into a beautiful chapter together with the promise of a shared adventure! As you weave your lives together, relish the joy of building a home filled with love and laughter. 

Getting a house and having kids


Time to build your nest and welcome the pitter-patter of little feet! Getting a house and having children mark the beginning of a heartwarming family tale. Every corner of your home will witness countless memories and milestones. 


Upgrade to a new house


Feeling the need for more space? Moving to a new house isn't just about changing your address; it's a shift towards a lifestyle that resonates with your aspirations. With each room, you're creating a canvas for new experiences.

Taking care of dependents


Feeling sandwiched between your children’s needs and caring for your parents? Whilst juggling your commitments, taking care of your elderly folks is not just a duty; it's a testament to the strength of your bonds. Whether it's providing a comforting presence or offering unwavering support, every action becomes a building block for a resilient family foundation.



Ah, the golden years! Retirement is a chance to redefine your journey, not to slow down your hustle. Savour the freedom to explore passions, travel or even find new fulfilment in giving back to society. It’s your time now, so embrace the joys of a well-deserved break, relishing the fruits of your labour or maybe, you are lucky enough to welcome grandchildren and don’t mind babysitting once in a while. Juggling it all while giving back, is admirable and a great way to stay active.

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