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Is there a lock-in period for my investment?

There is no lock-in for your investment. You may withdraw your funds at any time without a surrender charge. Your account value is also dependent on the portfolio's performance.

Can I apply for this plan on a joint-owner / life basis?

No. You can only purchase the plan on a single owner / life basis. You'll be the sole policy owner and life assured.

Can I decide on the model portfolio I want to invest in?

Yes, you can pick from any of the 3 portfolios available. 

Can I do ad-hoc top-ups?

Yes, you may perform top-ups at any time. However, each top-up must meet the minimum amount of S$100.

Can I terminate my policy without penalties?

Yes, you may terminate your policy without incurring any penalties. The redemption amount will be paid to you after all outstanding charges are settled. 

Is the switching of portfolios allowed?

Yes, you may switch from one portfolio to another portfolio without incurring any charges.

Is there the option of a regular savings plan?

Yes, a monthly savings plan, with a minimum monthly contribution of S$100 via GIRO or Direct Debit i-banking (iDDA), is available. You have the flexibility to change the monthly contribution or terminate this plan at any time without incurring any penalties.

How do I change my Sure Invest RSP (recurring single premium) payment method?

  • Log in to your Singlife App.
  • Click on “Manage your investments”.
  • Click “View details” on the respective Sure Invest portfolio(s).
  • Click on “Manage RSP”.
  • Click on “Change payment method”.
  • Select either “GIRO hardcopy application” or “Direct Debit i-banking (iDDA)” and follow the on-screen instructions.


While iDDA is immediate, please allow 4 – 6 weeks processing time for the GIRO hardcopy application.

What currencies do you accept?

We only accept Singapore Dollars (SGD) at this time.

Why is my Singlife Account no longer available to fund my Sure Invest plan?

At Singlife, we always strive to bring you the best in tech-powered solutions. We are currently reviewing other payment solutions to fund your Sure Invest plan.



Will my policy go into default if my RSP stops?

No, your policy will not go into default if your RSP stops.



What are the features of the Singlife Sure Invest plan?

Singlife Sure Invest is a single premium investment-linked insurance plan (ILP) that offers you a combination of insurance protection and investment opportunities. Product features as follows:


Product Features Details
Coverage Term Whole of life (up to age 100)
Premium Term  Singlife premium (lump sum)
Premium Currency Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Basic Benefit Death and terminal illness
Guaranteed Insurability Yes
Investment Solution Singlife Model Portfolios
Partial Withdrawal/Full Surrender Allowed
Withdrawal/Surrender Charge Not applicable
Entry Age (min) 18 years old
Entry Age (max) 75 years old


What are the minimum investment amounts?

The Singlife Sure Invest plan allows you to begin investing with an initial single premium of S$1,000. You can invest monthly with a recurring single premium (RSP) – from as low as S$100 – to enjoy the benefits of regular investing. You may also perform ad hoc top-ups of a minimum of S$100 at any time.

What happens if I do not meet the CKA requirements?

You will not be able to purchase the Singlife Sure Invest plan if you're assessed to lack the relevant knowledge and experience to understand the risks and features of unlisted SIPs. 

Who can apply for this plan?

All customers who are aged between 18 and 75 (attained age) and satisfy the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

What is rebalancing?

Rebalancing is a process of buying or selling respective ILP sub-fund(s), to achieve a target allocation and ensure that your portfolio remains relevant and consistent with the current investment environment and its risk profile. The asset manager is responsible for rebalancing the portfolio and no action is needed on your part. The asset manager may initiate a rebalancing to reflect a revised asset allocation view, or to take advantage of any market mispricing.

Can I make partial withdrawals?

Yes. You may request for a partial withdrawal of up to 95% of your account value at any time. This withdrawal amount should be at least S$1,000 and the account value after withdrawal must not be less than S$1,000. If the account value after withdrawal is less than S$1,000, the request for partial withdrawal will be treated as a full surrender.

Can I invest in specific ILP sub-fund(s)?

No, you're not allowed to choose specific ILP sub-fund(s).

What is Singlife's Model Portfolio?

We currently offer three discretionary managed model portfolios for customers with different risk profiles. The portfolios are the Conservative, Balanced, and Dynamic portfolios (the "Portfolios"). The Portfolios are managed by a professional asset manager on a discretionary basis and has full discretion in managing the Portfolios. You will invest in a single portfolio for each policy. 

Key information of the Portfolios:

  • These are three portfolios with different allocations to equities and bonds.
  • The Portfolios invest in ILP sub-funds, which feed directly into the respective underlying funds managed by reputable fund managers.
  • The Portfolios are monitored regularly and rebalanced automatically. This is to ensure that despite market movement over time, the asset allocation does not deviate significantly from its target allocation.
  • The asset manager may change the Portfolios' allocation and/or the ILP sub-funds from time to time. This ensures that your investment always stays relevant with the prevailing investment environment.


What is Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)?

As of 1 January, 2012, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has ruled that financial institutions must assess customers for their knowledge and experience in the risks and features of unlisted Specified Investment Products (SIPs). These products include investment-linked policies (ILPs) and unit trusts. This assessment will help determine if a customer should be allowed to purchase any of the aforementioned products.

As such, the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) has been implemented to serve as a safeguard for customers. While MAS has existing provisions for customers to invest in SIPs despite failing CKA, Singlife currently does not allow those who have failed CKA to purchase SIPs. 

What are the payable charges?

There's just one charge payable for the plan – the management charge of 0.25% of the account value. This charge is deducted from the account value on a quarterly basis.

What are the available in-app payment methods?

You may select any of the following payment options based on the Premium type.


Initial Single Premium (first deposit of at least S$1,000)

Credit Card (Amex/Visa/Mastercard) and PayNow QR

Recurring Single Premium (RSP)

GIRO and Direct Debit iBanking (iDDA)

Ad-hoc Premium

PayNow QR

What is the basic benefit included in the Portfolio?

The basic benefit ensures that should an unfortunate event occur, such as death or terminal illness, the policy owner will always receive the total premiums paid (less partial withdrawals), regardless of market conditions.

As such, in the event of death or terminal illness, we will pay the higher of

  • 101% of Net Premiums*; or
  • Account Value

Once the benefit has been paid, the policy will terminate.
(*refers to single premium plus recurring single premium and ad-hoc premium paid to date, less partial withdrawals) 

How can I access the investment-related details of my plan?

You can access the details on the Singlife App. It is where you can check your investment holdings, portfolio performance, fund prices and transaction history.

When will I receive the proceeds from my partial withdrawal/full surrender request(s) for my Singlife Sure Invest plan?

You can expect to receive the proceeds from Singlife in 7 to 10 business days from the day your request is received. Requests after 12pm on a business day will only be processed the following day.

Will there be a monthly statement for my plan?

Yes, your Singlife Sure Invest monthly statements are available via the Singlife App.


  1. Go to your Singlife Sure Invest dashboard
  2. Under each of your investment portfolios, click "VIEW DETAILS"
  3. Your Singlife Sure Invest monthly statement(s) can be found under "Statements"


Why should I consider setting up a Recurring Single Premium (RSP)?

There are two common ways of investing: systematic and non-systematic.

Systematic investing, also known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), is a methodical approach that does not require monitoring of market trends, personal emotions or instinct. In DCA, you set aside a fixed amount for your monthly investments. If unit prices go down, you simply buy more units; if they go up, you buy fewer units.

Non-systematic investing means investing at irregular times and amounts. This can be more challenging as it will require close monitoring of market trends and prices to determine the most opportune time for investments.

Should you not be able to afford the time or expertise to monitor your investment, setting up a Recurring Single Premium (RSP) will allow you to leverage on the DCA principle of investing and potentially average out the unit cost of your investment. You can set up a RSP from as low as S$100 a month. 

Can I have multiple portfolios?

Yes, you can apply for multiple portfolios of your choice. Do note that each portfolio is one Singlife Sure Invest policy and you can only choose one of the three risk-rated portfolios per policy.

Depending on your financial goals, you may have different portfolios, and you can assign different names to your portfolios based on your financial aspirations. 

How is Singlife Sure Invest different from a robo-advisor?

Robo-advisors provide investment advice using automated, algorithm-based tools. Each robo-advisor uses a different methodology to determine the optimal investment allocations that are needed in managing the assets in their portfolio.

Singlife Sure Invest, on the other hand, is an Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) that allows you to invest and be insured at the same time. We offer three portfolios under the plan, Conservative, Balanced, and Dynamic Portfolio, to suit customers with different risk profiles. The portfolios invest in a combination of ILP sub-funds and are managed by a professional fund manager from abrdn on the customer's behalf.

The portfolios are monitored regularly and are rebalanced to ensure the asset allocation does not deviate significantly from its target allocation as a result of market movement over time. The fund manager may change the portfolios' allocation and/or the ILP sub-funds from time to time ensuring that the investment stays relevant within the prevailing investment environment. 

What's the composition of the three portfolios?

For the Conservative portfolio, the primary objective is capital preservation and has a low-risk portfolio composition of 20% equities and 80% fixed income.

For the Balanced portfolio, the objective is to achieve a significant capital appreciation with some tolerance for market volatility and has a moderate-risk portfolio composition of 50% equities and 50% fixed income.

For the Dynamic portfolio, the objective is to achieve a high degree of capital growth, while holding a high tolerance for market volatility and has a high-risk portfolio composition of 80% equities and 20% fixed income.



  1. All investments involve risk. The higher the returns, the more risk involved.
  2. Portfolio composition (equities vs fixed income allocation) may differ over time depending on the asset managers' discretion but the composition of the portfolios will always remain the same. i.e. a conservative portfolio will always remain conservative, and likewise for the other portfolios.


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