Singlife ‘Knocks Out Cancer’ at Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2023

Singlife, a leading homegrown financial services company, showcased its commitment to providing a better way to financial freedom at the Seedly Personal Finance Festival (PFF) 2023 held on 15 April at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. With a focus on offering financial protection against large medical bills, Singlife showcased its new and upgraded offerings such as the Singlife Cancer Cover Plus and Singlife CareShield policies.


With the theme ‘Knock Out Cancer’, Singlife’s booth at the festival was designed to simulate a boxing ring and featured a boxing arcade machine. Attendees were invited to put their strength to the test as they challenged themselves to ‘Knock Out Cancer’ at the interactive game station in exchange for gift vouchers ranging from S$10 to S$88.


Helen Shen, Group Head of Health, Singlife delivered a keynote speech addressing the importance of insurance in bridging the protection gap in a young adult’s personal finance journey. She highlighted the importance of protecting one’s wealth against unexpected healthcare costs, and how holistic financial planning enables everyone to do better.


Helen said: “With financial health being a defining factor in our quality of life, it is encouraging to see more awareness on navigating the challenges of the sector. According to Singlife’s latest financial wellness study, seven out of ten Singaporeans believe in the importance of financial freedom, yet half are unsure how to achieve it. This makes it clear that there needs to be a better way to protect our financial wellbeing and safeguard our wealth. As a homegrown financial services company, it’s important for Singlife to engage with fellow Singaporeans in order to address their concerns and show them how we can support them through every stage of their lives.”


Dr Leow Yung Khee, Medical Director, Singlife also addressed common misconceptions about the disease. With cancer affecting one in three Singaporeans, she stressed that getting the right protection is key to avoiding the financial burden that comes with costly cancer treatments.


Singlife’s presence at the Seedly PFF came at a critical time for the personal finance industry, with Singapore’s core inflation value remaining at 5.5% and medical inflation projected to outpace this by nearly two times.


Launched in response to the Singapore Ministry of Health’s revised limits to how Medisave-approved insurance plans can be utilised to cover cancer treatment, Singlife Cancer Cover Plus is Singapore’s first as-charged cancer coverage plan. It enables policyholders to claim for treatments and drugs not covered under these changes and offers high annual coverage of up to S$1.5 million which can be used to pay for treatments undertaken abroad. With Singlife Cancer Cover Plus, affected individuals can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses by up to 88%[1].


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