Can I get instant car insurance cover with Singlife?

Yes. You can purchase your car insurance and make payment online. You can choose to receive your policy documents and certificate of insurance via email .

Can I purchase an insurance policy offline or through an agent?

Yes, you may approach our intermediaries, or you may get a quote online or through our call centre at +65 6827 9933.


Do you insure motorcycle/commercial vehicles/taxis and buses?

No. We only offer cover for private cars (domestic and non-commercial use) that are registered under an individual’s name.


Do you insure modified vehicles?

Yes, we offer cover for cars with modifications that are approved by the LTA.

What is considered a modification to a car?

Modification refers to any changes made to a car, including its accessories.

For further clarification and information on car modifications, please refer to the LTA website.

What if my car rims and/or tyres are modified?

We offer cover for cars with modifications that are approved by the LTA. In the event of an accident, we’ll only replace damaged car part(s) in accordance with the original car manufacturer's standard specifications.


Do you provide premium discounts for drivers with the Certificate of Merit?

No. We do not provide discounts for drivers with the Certificate of Merit.

Do you offer coverage for brand-new cars without registration numbers?

Yes. If your car is without a vehicle registration number, you may use its chassis and engine number. You may obtain this information from the sales agreement or car dealer.

Please note: Once the car is registered with the LTA, please inform us of your new car registration number at [email protected]. Revised copies of the Certificate of Insurance and policy schedule will be sent to you upon policy endorsement by us.

Who underwrites my insurance?

Singlife Car insurance is underwritten by Singapore Life Ltd.


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The information contained here is accurate as at 16 Aug 2022.