Can I purchase an insurance policy offline or through an agent?

You may purchase home insurance online or through our intermediaries.

Who underwrites your insurance?

Singlife Home insurance is underwritten by Singapore Life Ltd.

What is the consequence of underinsuring?

As this policy is underwritten on a first-loss basis, there’s no penalty for under-insurance. However, we highly recommend that you regularly review the cover level purchased, so that you can ensure you’re adequately insured.

How long does my home insurance run for?

The policy normally remains in force for 12 months from the date of commencement (unless you’ve purchased the option for two or three years, which will be shown on your policy schedule) and for any period for which you subsequently renew the policy. This is accurate as long as you’ve paid your premium. You should review your chosen level of benefit regularly to ensure that it’s sufficient to cover your needs.

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The information contained here is accurate as at 16 Aug 2022.