Can I receive the payout if I link PayNow to my mobile number?

No. Payout can only be made via PayNow-NRIC/FIN. This is to ensure that the payout is made to the intended recipient even if you change your mobile number. 

How do I check that I have PayNow-NRIC/FIN? How do I register for PayNow-NRIC/FIN?

Please enquire with your preferred bank for more information.



How do I receive payouts via PayNow-NRIC/FIN?

Payouts will be executed automatically via PayNow-NRIC/FIN if the following are met:

  • Customers whose Singapore NRIC/FIN is recorded with us
  • Policy payout is in Singapore Dollars
  • Payout is to a single payee
  • Customers who do not have a regular payout arrangements(*)  via Direct Credit (GIRO) with Singlife

Please link your NRIC/FIN to PayNow via your preferred bank.

Please note that you must have registered for PayNow-NRIC/FIN before you can receive the payout.

(*) Regular payout arrangements refer to coupon, cash withdrawal, income benefits, Severe Disability, Total and Permanent Disability claim payments, etc.

I have PayNow-NRIC/FIN. Why did I receive my payout via Direct Credit/Cheque?

You may continue to receive your payout via Direct Credit/Cheque because of the following:

  • PayNow-NRIC/FIN is not eligible for the transaction
  • Payout is made in a non-SGD currency
  • Multiple payees are tied to the policy
  • Have existing regular payout arrangements(*)  via Direct Credit payments
  • Your PayNow profile is not linked to your NRIC/FIN


Is PayNow applicable for corporate clients via UEN?

No. This service is currently only available for non-corporate clients. 

Is there any fee for PayNow-NRIC/FIN?

No, there isn’t. 

What are the transactions eligible for PayNow-NRIC/FIN?

Singlife is rolling out payouts via PayNow-NRIC/FIN progressively for individual Life and Health claims in Q4 2022. Customers can expect more transactions to be carried out via PayNow-NRIC/FIN throughout 2023.

Currently, General Insurance claims e.g. travel, personal accident, home, loss of use etc. are already paid via PayNow.

Who will be affected by this new initiative?

Only customers who have been receiving regular payout arrangements(*)  via Direct Credit will not be affected. 

Examples of customers who will receive future payments via PayNow-NRIC/FIN:

  • Customers who have received a one-time payment from us via Direct Credit before (e.g. loan, personal accident claims, health claims, etc), but have already registered for PayNow-NRIC/FIN
  • Customers who have or are currently receiving payouts via cheques and have registered for PayNow-NRIC/FIN


Why is Singlife introducing PayNow-NRIC/FIN?

PayNow is a secure funds transfer service that allows you to receive payments conveniently. Linking your NRIC/FIN to PayNow allows faster payouts and you do not need to register again even if you change your mobile number. 

Will I be notified if the payout via PayNow-NRIC/FIN is unsuccessful?

If payout via PayNow-NRIC is unsuccessful, you will receive a cheque within 7-10 working days.

To ensure that you receive future payouts successfully via PayNow-NRIC/FIN, please check if you have successfully registered for PayNow-NRIC/FIN (refer to the last question of the FAQ).

Read the Terms & Conditions here.


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