Are there any fees for maintaining a Singlife Account?

No. Simply fund the policy with S$100 so it becomes in-force, and then maintain a minimum account value of S$100 to keep it in-force.

Can I use non-FAST transfers to fund my Singlife Account?

FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers) or PayNow enables an almost immediate transfer of funds from your bank account to your Singlife Account. Please select FAST or PayNow as the preferred payment method so that your funds reach us promptly. Please note should you choose non-FAST transfers, it will take between five to seven working days for us to receive your payment.

Can my Singlife Account be my salary account?

No. You will have to transfer funds from your personal bank account into your Singlife Account. 

How do I fund my Singlife Account policy?

You can use FAST or PayNow via your personal internet banking account(s) to fund your Singlife Account after completing the account set-up. Details can be found on the Singlife App. 

How long does it take for my top-ups to appear in my Singlife Account?

When using FAST (Fast and Secure Transactions) or PayNow, please allow up to three hours for your top-ups to be updated in your Singlife Account. Contact our customer service team if any top-up fails to show up after three hours, and we'll look into it.  

How soon do I need to fund my Singlife Account policy after my application is approved?

You should do it as soon as possible. You can only enjoy the benefits of the Singlife Account after your policy is in-force with an initial premium of S$100 or more.

What happens if I do not put S$100 into my Singlife Account after I’ve signed up?

Your Singlife Account will not be in-force. As such, you won't be able to earn returns or receive the life insurance benefits that come with the Singlife Account.

When can I top up my Singlife Account?

You can top up your Singlife Account any time after you've successfully applied for the account and funded it with an initial S$100.

Who can put money into my Singlife Account?

Only you can use your personal bank account to fund your Singlife Account. Please ensure that the bank account holder's name matches the Singlife Account policyowner's name. Any mismatch or transfer completed by a third party may lead to follow-up validation checks and/or return of funds to the source. 


1A daily spending limit is set at S$5,000. An annual spending limit is set at S$30,000 on a 365-day rolling basis. Any payments made via a Singlife Debit Card during the prior 365-day period shall be aggregated with payments made via PayNow UEN for the purpose of determining the annual spending limit.


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