Singlife Account FAQ

Save, Spend, Earn Campaign

How do I qualify for the Save, Spend, Earn bonus returns?

When exactly can I start earning the bonus returns of 0.5% p.a. for my first S$10,000?

Do all types of purchases on the Singlife Visa Debit Card count towards the minimum S$500 spend for the Save, Spend, Earn Campaign?

Is the 0.5% bonus return the same as cashback on my credit card? What’s the difference?

Will my bonus return be credited together with my base return?

What if my policy start date is on the 31st day of the month? When is my crediting date in the months with less than 31 days (e.g., Feb, Apr, Sept)?

What happens if I spend S$500 in total over two or more card spend periods? Do I still qualify for the bonus return of 0.5% p.a. on the first S$10,000?

If I qualify for the first month of bonus returns, but not for the second, am I still able to qualify for the third?

If I terminate my Singlife Account midway, will I still be eligible for any outstanding bonus returns?

When exactly are my spending, earning and crediting periods and how do I know if I qualify for bonus returns?

I don't have my Singlife Visa Debit Card. How do I get one?

On top of the base 1% p.a. on my first S$10,000 in my Singlife Account, how can I earn the bonus return of 1% p.a. from 1 July, 2021?

How long will the crediting rates remain (i.e. 1% p.a. for the first S$10,000 and 0.5% p.a. for the next S$90,000) as they are?

Getting Started

What is the Singlife Account?

What are the key features of the Singlife Account?

Who can apply for a Singlife Account?

Can I apply for a Singlife Account if I live overseas?

What do I need for a Singlife Account application?

Will I need to complete a medical examination as part of my application?

How can I check on my Singlife Account application status?

Why was my application turned down?

How do I activate my Singlife Account?

Can I use multiple currencies with my Singlife Account?

Can I have more than one Singlife Account policy?

How does the retrenchment benefit work?

How do I apply?

Is there a quicker way to log in to the Singlife Account?

My Singlife Account Benefits

Is my capital guaranteed with the Singlife Account?

What happens to my Singlife Account if I’m diagnosed with a terminal illness, or pass away?

Is there a minimum account value?

What will happen if my Singlife Account balance falls below the minimum requirement of S$100?

Is my Singlife Account insurance coverage guaranteed for whole of life?

How is my retrenchment benefit under the Rider calculated?

What is the free-look period?

Do I need to renew my Singlife Account policy?

What does “account value” mean in my Singlife Account?

Is it true that I can access my money anytime?

What type of insurance coverage do I get with the Singlife Account?

How do I nominate a beneficiary, or beneficiaries?

What happens when my Singlife Account is terminated or cancelled?

Can I continue to use my Singlife Account after a claim is paid out for terminal illness?

Crediting Rates and Charges

How are returns calculated if my account value is changing daily? When is it credited into my account value?

What is crediting rate?

How does the 1% p.a. returns work?

Are the crediting rates guaranteed?

What do you mean by returns (crediting rates) are not guaranteed?

Funding & Topping-up Singlife Account

Can I use non-FAST transfers to fund my Singlife Account?

When can I top up my Singlife Account?

What happens if I do not put S$500 into my Singlife Account after I’ve signed up?

Can my Singlife Account be my salary account?

How long does it take for my top-ups to appear in my Singlife Account?

Who can put money into my Singlife Account?

Are there any fees for maintaining a Singlife Account?

How soon do I need to fund my Singlife Account policy after my application is approved?

How do I fund my Singlife Account policy?

Transfer and Withdrawals

When can I withdraw funds from my Singlife Account?

Can I withdraw cash with the Singlife Visa Debit Card at an ATM?

What happens to my Singlife Account insurance benefits after I make a withdrawal?

Is there a limit to my daily withdrawals?

Can I make a FAST transfer from my Singlife Account to a friend’s or family member’s account?

How do I make withdrawals from my Singlife Account policy?

How long does it take to make a withdrawal from my Singlife Account policy?

My Singlife App

Must I use the Singlife App to apply for a Singlife Account and the Singlife Visa Debit Card?

Does the Singlife App allow me to view my other Singlife policies?

What is the Singlife App for, besides having a sign-up function for the Singlife Account?

Singlife Visa Debit Card

Can I use my Singlife card to pay for my monthly bills and subscriptions?

Who issues the Singlife Visa Debit Card?

Can I link my Singlife card to Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay?

Can I track my transactions online, outside of the Singlife App?

Do I need to activate my Singlife card for overseas transactions?

Where is the Singlife card accepted?

What can I do if I'm unable to order or have yet to receive my Singlife card?

Will there be foreign currency deductions for my overseas transactions made with the Singlife card?

How long does it take for my Singlife card to be delivered to me?

Can I use my Singlife card as soon as I receive it?

How do I activate my Singlife card?

How will I be billed for TransitLink payments on my Singlife card?

Why are there spending limits imposed on my Singlife card?

Are there any fees when using the Singlife card?

How do I manage my usage of the Singlife card?

Can I use my Singlife card overseas?

What are the spending limits on my Singlife card?

When do these card spending limits take effect?

What kind of transactions count or do not count towards my card spending limits?

What are some platforms that do not accept payments with the Singlife card?

How can I enquire about a charge for a transaction I did not make with my Singlife card?

What should I do if my Singlife card is lost or stolen?

Admin Matters

Can I change my address or contact details for my policy via the Singlife App?

If I change my mobile number, do I have to inform Singlife?

What's the difference between my Singlife ID and my Singlife Account?

Why does Singlife require identity documents during account sign-up?

What happens to my Singlife Account if I go bankrupt?


Can I log in to multiple devices simultaneously with my Singlife ID?

Why am I getting a warning on my device that says “We have detected that you are using a jailbroken or rooted device”?

Is my data safe with Singlife?

Can I trust Singlife?

Is the Singlife Account protected?


Who is eligible to enjoy these exclusive Singlife privileges?

How long are these privileges valid for?

How do I redeem these privileges?

What are the terms and conditions on privileges and birthday offers?

Who's eligible to enjoy these exclusive Singlife birthday offers?

When can I start to redeem the birthday offers?

How do I redeem these birthday offers?

I didn't redeem the birthday offers during my birthday month. May I redeem them in another month?

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