What to do in a car accident

Car claims information

Windscreen claims

Please notify us immediately after you discover damage to any windscreen or glass on your car.

Windscreen glass claims form

Private settlement

If you are entering into a private settlement to save on claim cost or protect your no claim discount (NCD), download this form and complete it. Please ensure the other party completes it too.

Private settlement form 

Singlife authorised workshops

Find one near you.

Using your preferred workshop

Ask your workshop to email the repair estimate to us at: 

[email protected]

or fax: 6829 1871

We'll send a surveyor to your workshop to assess the damage within 2 working days.

Car emergencies

Tips on what to do when involved in a car accident.

In a collision with injuries

Call the Police if anyone involved in the accident is injured

You also need to exchange certain details with the other parties, even if you think the accident wasn't your fault. The details you should give and get from others involved are:

  • Their name(s) and NRIC/FIN Number(s)
  • Their address and telephone contact number
  • Their vehicle registration number and name of their Insurance Company
  • Their company name if the vehicle is a company owned vehicle.

If you are able to, take photographs of the scene using a camera or mobile phone.

Car Insurance Claims process

Call us at +65 6333 2222 to start the Car Insurance Claims process.

Do not admit liability, sign any promissory note agreeing to pay for damages or allow any towing service to take your car away. 

Once you have captured the other parties' details, you need to call us to start the claims process. Our claims lines are open 24/7. If you need us, call us at +65 6333 2222 and the person taking your call will record all the details relating to your car insurance claim and if necessary, Mobile Accident Response Service (MARS) will be dispatched to the scene of the accident or incident (The latter does not apply for Motor Lite plan). Otherwise, you can proceed to our Singlife Approved Repairer to file the accident report during office hours.

MARS will take you through the accident or incident circumstances and details, take any necessary photographs and complete a claims form for you. They will also submit the General Insurance Association (GIA) Accident Form electronically on your behalf. This saves you time and removes the hassle from reporting car claims and gives us the opportunity to capture any third party details, whether you are found to be at fault for the accident or not, in order to keep the claims costs as low as possible.

If your car cannot be driven in Singapore, we will arrange for it to be towed to the nearest appropriate Singlife Approved Repairer and arrange for transport to get you and your passengers to a destination of your choice within Singapore (The latter does not apply for Motor Lite plan).

If your car is driveable, we will advise you of the nearest appropriate Singlife Approved Repairer and they will assist with your repair journey once you reach their workshop.

The MARS service is the best possible way of reporting your claim as one call takes care of everything for you and lets us get you back on the road as soon as possible with the minimum of fuss. It also ensures that if you have purchased our 'Loss of Use Hire Car Cover', or are not at fault for the accident, just tell us and we can arrange to have a rental car with you as quickly as possible following the accident, should you be unable to drive your car away.

If your car is repairable, our Approved Repairer will update you on the progress of your repair and on what day you can expect your car to be returned to you.

If your car is stolen and not recovered, or is not economical to repair, we will contact you and agree a market value for your car at the time of the accident or theft.

You must report the accident to the Police and obtain a copy of their report which we need you to send to us if:

  • Any of the parties involved in the car accident were injured.
  • The accident involved any Government vehicles or property.
  • The accident involved any foreign vehicles.
  • The accident involved any pedestrians or cyclists.
  • The accident was a hit and run incident.

The Singapore Police Force website has the locations of all Police Stations and how you can lodge a report. Their website can be accessed via the link here.

Other mandatories

In all cases, you MUST report accidents to us within 24 hours of the occurrence or by the next working day at our accident reporting centre regardless if you intend to claim on your own policy, or whether your car is damaged or not.

Should you fail to do so, your No Claims Discount may be affected and your claim may be prejudiced.

If you have an accident in West Malaysia or up to 80 kilometres inside Thailand from the West Malaysia Border all you have to do is call +65 6333 2222 and the person taking your call will record all the details relating to your car insurance claim and will provide you with all of the help and advise you will need. Our phone claims lines are open all day, all night, every day of the year. Please note that any car accidents that occur in Malaysia, regardless of the circumstances, must be reported to the Malaysian Police.

If you receive any communication from a third party insurer, a traffic summons or a Writ of Summons in connection with your car accident, you must notify us immediately. Any delay on your part may prejudice your claim.

Motor claims framework

Claim benefits

Not sure what is covered in your policy? Let us help you.

Benefits of Singlife's Car Claims Service

  • Singlife's free 'Get You Home Service' for You and Your passengers if Your car cannot be driven following an accident in Singapore. (This benefit does not apply for Motor Lite Plan)
  • No deductible or excess to pay if we confirm the accident is not your fault.
  • We don't make you pay for other people's negligence; we will pursue the responsible party for the recovery of all of our costs.
  • Free accident recovery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.
  • Car repairs carried out at our Approved Repairers come with a free 12-month warranty.

Free Car Breakdown Cover in Singapore

Your Car Policy with Singlife entitles you to free breakdown assistance in Singapore. Our breakdown lines are open all day, all night, every day of the year. If you need us, all you have to do is call +65 6333 2222. We will send help who will attempt to repair your vehicle at the roadside. If that isn't possible we will tow your car to the service centre of your choice within Singapore (This does not apply for Motor Lite Plan).

Contact us

Customer Service Hotline

+65 6827 9933

Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays from 8:45 to 17:30

Car accident & emergency breakdown assistance helpline

+65 6333 2222

Our emergency hotline is open 24/7. Help at the scene of the accident within 20 minutes of your call in Singapore. Free emergency roadside assistance in case of a car breakdown in Singapore. This does not apply for Motor Lite Plan.