Critical Illness Plan

Protect yourself against serious illnesses. Receive support while recovering.

When critical illness strikes, it can cause a massive upheaval in your life. While you deal with the emotional and medical consequences of a critical illness, you can rest assured that your financial needs are taken care of when you have critical illness coverage.

How Does This Plan Benefit Me?

    • Financial protection against late-stage critical illnesses (LSCI) at affordable premiums
    • Optional enhanced coverage on early and intermediate-stage critical illnesses
    • Enhanced protection when you add supplementary benefits
    • Flexible coverage amounts and terms up to age 99
    • Next-day critical illness claim benefit with payouts made within 24 hours of claim submission
Add On Supplementary
Benefits For Additional Coverage
Early Care Rider

The rider pays out the selected rider sum assured in one lump sum upon diagnosis of any of the covered early critical illnesses. The payout will be in the form of an advanced payment to be deducted from the sum assured under the base plan.

Cancer Care Rider

The rider pays out the selected rider sum in one lump sum upon diagnosis of major cancers.

Special Benefit Rider

The rider pays out the selected rider sum assured in one lump sum upon diagnosis of any of the 13 less severe medical conditions. Up to six claims can be made on the rider, with only one claim per medical condition.

Critical Care Rider

This rider pays out the selected rider sum assured in one lump sum upon diagnosis of either heart attack of specific severity, kidney failure or stroke.


Is Critical Illness Cover Necessary?

According to a 2017 Protection Gap Study by the Life Insurance Association (LIA) of Singapore, the average working Singaporean has about S$60,000 for critical illness coverage, a sum that is well below LIA’s recommendation of S$316,000.
Critical illness coverage is becoming increasingly important for several reasons: Higher incidence of chronic diseases and rising healthcare costs. Help to cover non-medical cost such as caretaking needs or support services during recovery. Payout from a critical illness plan can replace any lost income during your treatment and recovery period. Higher life expectancy and higher rate of surviving a critical illness due to medical advancements.
Essentially, this means that having a critical illness can be a huge financial drain and the effects are amplified if you’re a breadwinner in your family.
That’s where a critical illness plan comes in. The financial cushion from a critical illness policy can reduce the financial impact of having a critical illness and coverage becomes an important financial safety net, designed to give a lump sum payout.
What’s key is that you can choose how to use the money from your critical illness payout, which can help cover non-medical costs as well as replace any lost income during your treatment and recovery period. With a critical illness plan in place, you won’t have to worry about how to sustain your lifestyle or support your family during this tough time.
Instead, you can focus on what really matters: getting better.

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Important Notes

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