This International Women’s Day, we shout-out and give extra love to the brave, smart, compassionate and confident HER-lebrities in the Singlife extended family. Whether they’re running a household like a well-oiled machine, or passionately chasing a career while nurturing a family, we’ve got them all. We salute you, our Heroines!

Guillermo Arbeiza, Chief Customer Officer

When I was a kid, my grandmother, my Heroine, lived in the flat just below us. I grew up seeing her reading every book she could get her hands on; going out with her lady friends to the movies or the theatre; watching football and loudly supporting Real Madrid; and listening to her stories from when she was part of a swimming team. She was a loving and caring grandma. It was only after a long time that she had gone that I realised how different she was from most women her age in Spain. I wonder how differently I’d see the world today if I hadn’t had the luck of growing up beside her.

Pavan Virmani, Group Head of Distribution

The Heroine in question would have to be my wife, Shawna Barooah. She’s managed three boys (including me) in the house, looked after both her parents and mine, sacrificed her career so that I can focus on mine, and been a single parent when I’ve been away working in Singapore.

Richard Vargo, Group Head of Products, Propositions and Transformation

Without hesitation my Heroine would be my mum. She’s instilled in me the values of generosity, love and kindness, and she’s taught me to reach for my dreams. Here she is surrounded by her six grandchildren.

Richard Koh, Senior Manager, Distribution

My Heroine is my wife, Felicia. She’s my commander-in-chief and she takes care of everything at home, from managing our three children’s daily activities and schedules, to taking care of my mother who lives with us. Everything runs like clockwork because of her, and she does it so that I can focus on work. I cannot imagine my life without her, she’s truly my Heroine!


Samuel Lim, Digital Media & Community Manager, Brand, Communications and Marketing

There are several Heroines in my life, but the OG has to be my mum. She’s taught me the value of lifelong learning and showed me what it means to have compassion for others. At 65, she’s still walking the talk as she braves a postgrad course on social work!

Sarah Kow, Content Creation Strategy Executive, Brand, Communications and Marketing

My Heroine is my mum – she raised my brother and I alone for many years, while holding down a chaotic household of seven. I’ve always been in awe of her amazing EQ and warmth and kindness. I don’t know a single person who dislikes her. Also, her birthday is on IWD!

Shawn Ashley Chua, Executive, Business Development

My moola [mum] is my Heroine. Not only is she the one who’s birthed me, she’s also the one who happily journeys through life’s adventures with me. I love you moola!

Shawn Tan, Head, Business Development, Partnership Distribution

My Heroine is Catherine Wong, my boss and mentor of 10 years. She’s very caring and she coaches me in both professional and personal matters. She’s respectable and leads by example. 

Like these lucky Singlifers, we’re sure there’s a Heroine in your life who’s worth toasting. Take the cue from us and celebrate them!



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