The current cancer drug treatment I am using is HSA-approved but not on the CDL. Will it still be covered from 1 Apr 2023, after my policy renewal?

Only cancer drug treatments on the CDL will be covered under your Singlife Shield policy. Selected non-CDL cancer drug treatments  can be covered under your Singlife Health Plus policy (except for Singlife Health Plus Deductible Cover).

If the cancer drug treatment that I am on is eventually added to the CDL, can I retrospectively submit claims for treatments administered since the last CDL update, since the CDL is updated every 4 months?

No. The prevailing CDL on the date of treatment would apply. This means that if you have received the treatment before the treatment was listed on the CDL, there would be no payout under your Singlife Shield policy.

The cancer centre asked me to pay for the bill first, although I could previously wait for the claim assessment before paying. Is there a change in your claim process?

There is no change in the process. The cancer centre has the discretion to collect payment prior to the claim assessment. However, the cancer centre will be required to refund your payment accordingly after we have paid them.

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