Home Insurance FAQ

Most popular questions

Do I qualify for Singlife Home insurance?

Can I get an instant quote from Singlife?

What is the difference between Home Lite, Home Standard and Home Plus?

What type of household contents am I covered for?

Can I pay by monthly instalments?

How do I make a claim on my Singlife Home Insurance?

Overview and Eligibility

Can I buy an insurance policy offline or through an agent?

Who underwrites your insurance?

What is the consequence of underinsuring?

Does a No Claims Discount apply to home insurance?

How long does my home insurance run for?

Cover and Benefits

Where can I find out what your home insurance covers?

Am I covered for personal accidents?

What additional options are available?

Can I get instant home insurance cover with Singlife?

Am I covered for renovations?

Can I insurance the contents of my holiday home abroad?

Is my PC covered?

Are the contents of my garage covered?

Am I covered for replacement locks and keys?

Am I covered for freezer contents?

Are falling trees covered by Singlife Home Insurance?

Do you provide cover to find the source of a water leak?

Am I covered for my golf clubs?

I have just bought a HDB flat and they require me to take up the HDB Fire Insurance Scheme. How does Singlife Home Insurance complement the compulsory scheme?

If I am a tenant of rented flat, can I buy Singlife Home Insurance?

Can you insure contents in a fully furnished rented accommodation?

Can I purchase contents insurance with you if I sub-let my house?

Does the contents cover include accidental damage?

Are my belongings covered outside of the home?

Are the contents covered when my home is unoccupied?

Can I insure the contents of a property that is not my permanent residence?

Can I arrange insurance cover just for my personal items?


What is my NRIC/FIN number?

What do you mean by "Insured address"?

When do I need to tell you about the individual value of my contents?

What is the definition of "valuables"?

Do I need to specify all of my valuable items such as furniture and stereo equipment?

Do I need to provide proof of ownership for all of my possessions?

What is a dwelling type?

Purchase and Payment

Is my payment secure?

What is this Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) through credit card?

What is the minimum premium to qualify for Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) and how many months instalment am I allowed to apply?

How and when will my instalment payments be deducted?

What will happen to my home insurance policy if I fail to pay the instalment?

I have an IPP arrangement. What will happen if I cancel the policy mid term?

How do I know if my payment has gone through?

Can I pay for my insurance using someone else's credit card or bank account?

How do I know my insurance policy purchase has been successfully completed and I am insured?

How do I receive my policy documents?

Can I get duplicate policy documents?

I've noticed the details on my policy are incorrect, what should I do?

Why can't I go through the payment process?

Existing customers

Will it affect my policy if I claim?

How are lost or damaged items replaced?

Will my claim be settled on a new for old basis?

Will my policy include any deductible/excess?

How do I cancel my home policy?

How do you calculate the cancellation refund?

If I move to a new home, do I have to cancel my current policy and take up a new one?

How do I contact assistance?

Will my policy be affected if I go away on holiday?

Can I renew my policy online?

What type of changes do I need to tell you about?

How do I access my policy online to view or make changes?

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

How do I submit feedback?