An affordable term life insurance plan

Enjoy S$400,000 coverage for as little as S$0.321 per day.

Affordable life insurance

S$400,000 coverage for as little as S$0.321 per day.

Lump-sum payout

In the event of death, Terminal Illness or Total and Permanent Disability

Flexibility in coverage period

Choose from these coverage periods: 5 years renewable term2, 20 years, or up to age 65

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An easy way to have the basics covered

Just a simple plan to start or add to your portfolio.

Key Benefits Coverage / Options
Basic benefits3 Lump-sum payout upon death, Terminal Illness or Total and Permanent Disability
Choice of coverage amount4 Sum Assured from S$50,000 to S$400,000
Coverage period for the plan

Select any of these coverage periods:

(a) 5 years renewable term2

(b) 20 years; or

(c) up to age 65

Death and Terminal Illness coverage period Same duration as the coverage period chosen for the plan
Total and Permanent Disability coverage period Same duration as the coverage period chosen for the plan or or ends at age 65, whichever is earlier
Premium payment period Same as the policy coverage period
Premium payment options Choose to pay either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly
Eligibility Criteria
Entry Age5 Age 19 to 65
Country of residence Singapore

Add-on for extra protection

Need enhanced coverage? Consider this add-on when you purchase our plan.

DIRECT- Critical Illness Assurance (Term Life)

Get a lump-sum payout when you're diagnosed with any of the 30 covered critical illnesses6


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