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How our claim process works

Find out how our claim process works and get in touch with our claim experts to get your claim started. Alternatively, you may contact your preferred Financial Adviser Representative to help you with your claim.

Individual claims

For individual life or health policyholder, select the policy that you want to make a claim.

To help us process your claim as quickly, please read the instructions under the respective sections to ensure that the required documents are submitted to us.

Death claim

Call us at +65 6827 9933 for us to help you through the death claim process.

Accident & Disability claim

Make a claim for Singlife Accident Guard or disability related claim.

Critical illness claim

Make a claim for cases related to early, intermediate or severe stage critical illness.

Health claim

For policyholders of Singlife Shield and Singlife Health Plus to make a health insurance claim. 

Severe disability claim

For Singlife ElderShield Standard, Singlife ElderShield Plus, Singlife CareShield Standard & Singlife CareShield Plus policyholders to make a claim.

Lifestyle insurance claims

For claims related to your car, travel, home and personal accident policies.

Car claim

Our emergency hotline is open 24/7. In case of an accident, please call +65 6333 2222.

Travel claim

Make sure to submit your claim within 7 days of the incident, or as soon as reasonably possible.

Home claim

Before you fix any issues and engage a contractor, get in touch with us. Make sure you submit your claim within 7 days of the incident.

Personal Accident claim

Submit your claim as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the incident.

Corporate insurance claims

Corporate plan claim

Find out how to make a claim or manage your corporate plans here.


For advisors, brokers, and HR personnel to manage Singlife corporate plans.


For corporate insurers to submit a claim with ClaimConnect via the portal or mobile app.

Commercial claim

Find out how to make a claim for a commercial policy. 

MINDEF & MHA claims

MINDEF & MHA insurance claim

For MINDEF and MHA policyholders of Singlife to make a claim.

Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme (POGIS) claims

POGIS claim

Find out how to make a claim or manage your corporate plans here.