Singlife Sets Guinness World Records Title for the Largest Human Image of an Umbrella

Singlife sets guinness world records title for the largest human image of an umbrella Singlife sets guinness world records title for the largest human image of an umbrella

Leading homegrown financial services company Singlife and their dedicated Financial Advisory (FA) partners have set a new Guinness World Records title for the "Largest Human Image of an Umbrella". This achievement took place on 2 October 2023 in Athens, Greece, in conjunction with the annual Singlife FA partners convention.


A total of 328 participants came together to form an impressive human image of an umbrella which symbolised Singlife’s dedication to protecting its customers against risk and rainy days The group comprised Singlife employees, its subsidiaries Grow with Singlife, Professional Investment Advisory Services (PIAS), Singlife Financial Advisers (SFA), as well as 17 esteemed FA partners – Alpha Wealth Financial Advisers, Avallis Financial, cnrst Pte Ltd, Expat Insurance, Financial Alliance, finexis advisory, GenRiver Financial, Infinity Financial Advisory, IPP Financial Advisers, Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison, PFPFA, Phillip Securities, PromiseLand, Ray Alliance Financial Advisers, SG Alliance, SingCapital, and Synergy Financial Advisers.


Athens, the home of the Olympics with its original motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together”, provided the perfect backdrop for this record-breaking feat. Catherine Wong, Group Head of Distribution, Singlife, said: “We embarked on this journey to set record title with a clear goal in mind – to emphasise the unity and strength of our collaboration. This achievement not only demonstrates our dedication to our customers but underscores the message that Singlife and our FA partners are better together in our common pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that we can achieve shared goals and reach greater heights by working as one.”