Where can I download the eCall assistance companion app?

For Apple App Store or Google Play Store, simply type "Singlife eCall Assistance".

Please ensure that you have at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system or Apple iPhone iOS 9 installed on your device.


I have downloaded the app. What should I do next?

Step 1: Plug the eCall device directly into a 12 V power outlet socket in your vehicle. This should be located in a place that’s visible to the driver (centre console).

Step 2: Turn on the ignition. A flashing LED display on the accident reporting connector will signal that it has power.

Step 3: Perform a one-time validation on the eCall assistance companion app by entering your policy number and the last four characters of your NRIC/FIN. This information should match what we have on file. Upon successful validation, you will need to enter your personal details, which our claims helpline will use to connect to you in the event of an accident.

Please ensure that the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone is turned on. Once the device is paired correctly, the light on the eCall device will be steady.


Do I need to turn on the eCall app each time I drive?

No. When you start your car, the eCall app will be automatically connected to the eCall device. Identify its functionality by the steady light on the eCall device. If there’s no connectivity, an error message will pop up on the screen of the eCall app.


What should I do if I encounter issues in pairing the device?

Make sure that the device is connected to the internet and ensure that the app has all the necessary permissions. The app automatically runs a settings check and will indicate on screen, in red, the errors found.

If errors are found, click on the red stripe to review the list of permissions. The app automatically checks for the following access:

  • Location
  • Bluetooth
  • TEP Services
  • Internet connection
  • Backend service access
  • Location services
  • Bluetooth permissions
  • Call phone permissions
  • Access device storage permissions

Please make sure that all the necessary permissions and services are enabled. This ensures that the app is running correctly. If you continue to encounter errors, please call us at +65 6827 9933 between 08:45 and 17:30, from Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays).

Will I still be able to use the eCall assistance service if I do not have an active car policy with Singlife?

The eCall assistance service ceases when you no longer have a policy in force with us.

I have terminated my existing car policy with Singlife and bought a new policy. How do I continue to use the app with the new policy?

You may navigate to "Settings" and click "Reset" under "Contract details".

Note: You’ll have to do a one-time authentication with your new policy details.

Will there be any tracking of my driving behaviour or journey using this eCall assistance?

No, there’s no tracking at all. We’ll only be notified in the event of an accident, so that we can assist you in the shortest possible time.

In case of an accident, the eCall device and the smart phone app will only transmit the following data:

  • Crash severity
  • Date and time of the crash
  • Crash location and driving direction (for the purpose of identifying which side of the road you’re on)
  • Your contact number and further personal details that you’ve given us


Do I need to turn on location services at all times?

Yes, the app requires access to location services at all times. This ensures that an accurate GPS location will be available at the time of an accident.


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The information contained here is accurate as at 16 Aug 2022.