Direct Purchase Insurance FAQ

Most popular questions

What are the Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) plans offered by Singlife?

Who is eligible to apply for the DPI plans?

Do I need to submit any medical reports or undergo any medical check-ups?

How can I make a claim?

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Overview and Eligibility

How can I apply for DPI?

How will I know if the DPI is suitable for me?


What do I need to disclose in my DPI application?


Can I purchase DPI for my family members?

What are the payment options available?

Existing Customers

Can I cancel my policy if I find that it is not suitable, upon receiving my policy documents? When can I expect the refund?

How do I cancel my DPI insurance policy?

How do I surrender my DPI insurance policy?

Who can I approach for assistance if I am a customer?

How can I reinstate my lapsed DPI policy? What is the process?

How do I submit feedback?

How do I access my policy online?

How do I reset my login ID and password?

How do I change my policy details?

How do I change my personal particulars (Change of Name/Identity Number/Nationality)?

How do I update my address and contact details?

Can I request for a duplicate copy of my Original Policy?