How to find a healthcare specialist that’s right for you

After visiting a GP, you may be referred to a specialist who has deeper knowledge in a specific area of medicine.

Should your state of health warrant a visit to a specialist, follow this guide to ensure that you make an informed decision.


In Singapore, we’re fortunate to have healthcare professionals across various disciplines as well as wide-ranging facilities to address just about every health issue – from heart surgeons and physiotherapists to specialist clinics, rehabilitation centres, and imaging and radiology centres.

Your general practitioner (GP) functions as your primary care provider, giving front-line advice on a host of different ailments and taking care of things like common medical complaints and immunisations. Your GP is also the first one you go to for an initial diagnosis of a new health issue.  

What’s a medical specialist?

There will be times when your GP will suggest seeing a specialist. That’s usually when your health situation would benefit from expertise in a specific area of medicine, like urology (specialist in disorders of the urinary system), oncology (specialist in cancer treatment), gynaecology (specialist in the female reproductive system) and so on.

With healthcare becoming more complex and treatments getting more advanced, medical specialists have in-depth training and experience to treat your condition in the most effective way.

What should you consider when choosing one?

With so many complex factors involved, many different areas of medical speciality and so many doctors available, choosing a medical specialist can be mind-boggling. As with any purchase you make, a physician’s service also needs informed decision making. You can go with recommendations from family or friends, or even a specialist you just read about.

Rather than just take the first recommendation you get, there may be better ways to find a specialist who’s the right fit for you. Here are some factors to consider:

Convenience: A specialist with a clinic that’s conveniently located means you won’t have to worry about excessive travelling especially when you may have to make several follow-up visits.

Expertise: You may want to choose a specialist who’s particularly skilled in a certain new treatment.

Time in the field: Many people also consider the doctor’s years of experience for a certain degree of assurance.

Other factors: How long you’d have to wait for an appointment with the specialist, the fees they charge, and whether they’ll be able to perform any required surgery at your preferred hospital. 

At Singlife, we understand that choosing a specialist can be a daunting task. That is why we have an excellent panel of specialists that customers can use. You can browse the list of specialists available online and get an appointment within 3 working days. On top of that, you’ll also enjoy a preferred rate of S$120 for your first consultation and S$70 for your follow-up consultation.

Choosing a specialist from Singlife’s panel also means you’ll get an increased claim limit of up to S$2,000,000 per policy year*. Plus, you’ll have certainty of your claim outcome with a process that gives pre-approved coverage of your specialist medical fees, so you can focus on getting your health back on track without worrying about bills.

What happens after you’ve shortlisted a few specialists?

It’s time for some homework. Go online, research their credentials and read reviews from other patients. You can also ask friends and relatives what they liked or disliked about specialists they’ve seen, then set your own expectations about the specialist that’s right for you.

Note: For policyholders of Singlife Shield Plan 2, 3 and Standard Plan, please consider the coverage of your Singlife Shield plan type before consulting with the private specialists on our panel. Singlife Shield Plan 2, 3 and Standard Plan are not designed to cover medical expenses with private specialists, including those from our panel, hence your hospitalisation and surgical/treatment costs may not be claimable in full.

*Applicable for Singlife’s Shield Shield Plan 1 policyholders only. 


If you’re looking for a medical specialist or would like to know more about Singlife’s panel specialists, click on the link below.

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