Pre-approval: A hassle-free step to ensure your claim is guaranteed

Pre-approval removes any guesswork about whether your insurer will cover your medical claim.

Worrying about your medical bills before admission? Take this step to ease your mind.


Everyone needs medical care at some point in time. In a rapidly changing world of healthcare, learning how to navigate around the subject will help you become a more educated healthcare consumer. When it comes to hospitalisation and inpatient treatments, one term you'll come across is pre-approval. 

What is pre-approval?

Pre-approval, also known as pre-authorisation, allows you to find out whether your medical treatment is claimable before you proceed. For Singlife Shield policyholders, pre-approval is available when you visit a private specialist from our panel.

Traditionally, patients submit their claims after the treatment is received and hope that their medical bills get reimbursed. Pre-approval ensures that you can proceed with the treatment without worrying about whether your treatment will be covered.

Why should you get pre-approval?

With the pre-approval of your medical bill, you can have the assurance of your claim outcome and focus better on your journey to recovery. It’s a recommended procedure if you are seeking non-emergency specialist care under Singlife’s panel specialists. 

How does it work?

Pre-approval isn’t as complicated as some may think. If you're a Singlife customer, we’ll get in touch with the panel specialist directly so it’s hassle-free for you. It’s recommended that the pre-approval request is made at least five working days (but no more than six weeks) before the planned admission or treatment. 

Follow this 3-step process for claim pre-approval


Get in touch with us

● Before proceeding with your planned admission or treatment, ask your private panel specialist to submit the Pre-authorisation Request Form (i.e. pre-approval request form) for you.

● If you prefer to handle it yourself, call us at 1800 8800 880 with the necessary information.

● Request for pre-approval at least 5 working days but no more than 6 weeks before your planned admission.


Provide the following information

● NRIC and name of the Life Assured

● Name of the doctor

● Name of the doctor's clinic

● Date of the planned admission or day surgery

● Name of the hospital/clinic for the admission or day surgery


Ensure you meet this criteria

● The inpatient treatment or day surgery is done at a private hospital or private clinic in Singapore;

● The principal doctor must be from our panel of private specialists;  

● You are required to make the request at least 5 working days before the admission date; and

● The admission date is within 6 weeks from the request date.

Note: For policyholders of Singlife Shield Plan 2, 3 and Standard Plan, please consider the coverage of your Singlife Shield plan type before consulting with the private specialists on our panel. Singlife Shield Plan 2, 3 and Standard Plan are not designed to cover medical expenses with private specialists, including those from our panel, hence your hospitalisation and surgical/treatment costs may not be claimable in full.


Need pre-approval? Singlife policyholders can call our 24-hour hotline at 1800 8800 880

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