Singlife Digital Saver

Singlife Digital Saver

The digital short-term endowment plan to grow your wealth at any stage of life. Enjoy a guaranteed yield of 3.25% p.a.* over 3 years.

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Save for your future anytime, anywhere.

Competitive rates coupled with convenience.

Keep life simple with Singlife Digital Saver, a single premium, non-participating endowment plan.  
Ready for purchase, whenever you are.

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Guaranteed yield of 3.25% p.a.*

upon policy maturity. Get back 110.07% of your investment at the end of three years.  


100% Capital Guaranteed

from the start of the third policy year.


Minimum of S$20,000

single premium, using Cash or Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds.


Do it yourself

Purchase digitally anytime, anywhere. Choose an adviser for policy service – the choice is yours.


Guaranteed Issuance

Apply without undergoing a medical check-up.



Pays 105% of single premium

Should the Life Assured die



* The guaranteed yield of 3.25% p.a. upon maturity is based on the Life Assured surviving until the end of the policy term with no surrender or claims made during the entire policy term. If the policy is still in force on the policy maturity date, Singapore Life Ltd. will pay the guaranteed Maturity Benefit which is 110.07% of the single premium less any monies owing to Singapore Life Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singlife Digital Saver?


Singlife Digital Saver is a single premium, 3-year, non-participating endowment plan that provides a guaranteed Maturity Benefit at the end of the Policy Term.

To purchase Singlife Digital Saver, visit and select ‘Purchase Now’ to begin. 

This policy can be purchased without any advice from a Financial Adviser Representative (FAR). You can choose to appoint a FAR to service your policy or have Singlife assign a FAR for you.

Am I eligible for this plan?


You can purchase this plan if you are:

  • A Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident with a valid NRIC (Excluding U.S. Persons and those possessing any U.S. indicia)

  • Between ages 17 and 75 (Age Next Birthday)

  • If you are above 62 years old, you must be proficient in both spoken and written English and have attained at least a GCE N-Level or O-Level certification, or an equivalent academic qualification.


How long is the policy term?


This plan has a policy term of 3 years. 


Will I receive yearly payouts during the policy term?


No. A lump sum guaranteed Maturity Benefit will be paid at the end of the policy term. 


What are the premium limits?


The minimum single premium required is S$20,000, while the maximum premium allowable is S$200,000.


When do I need to pay the premium?


The premium payment must be made within 14 calendar days after your application is submitted. If payment is not received within this period, your application will be withdrawn automatically.

How many policies can I buy?


There is no limit to how many policies you can buy. Each policy is subject to the premium limits listed. 

Who should I contact if I have further questions on Singlife Digital Saver?


We’re here to help. Visit this page to speak with us.  

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team at +65 6827 9933. We are available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday, 8:45 AM to 5:30 PM. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

What are the available payment methods?


To pay, you may choose from the following methods. Please ensure that payment is made within 14 calendar days after your application is submitted. .


Cash (Interbank Fund Transfer)

To pay,

1.       Log in to your bank’s internet banking portal or mobile banking app.

2.       Find the option for Fund Transfer or Payments.

3.       Select Interbank Fund Transfer.

4.       Enter Singlife’s bank details, transfer amount, and your payment reference number reflected in the payment page.


Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

To pay,

1.       Log in to your bank’s internet banking portal or mobile banking app.

2.       Find the option for Fund Transfer or Payments.

3.       Select SRS Account to retrieve your SRS details.

4.       Enter your SRS Operator and Account details reflected on the payment page.


Please note that you must be at least 19 years old to pay with SRS. You can only pay using your own SRS funds.

How can I confirm that my application was successful?


If your application and premium payment are successful, you will receive an SMS confirming that your policy has been incepted. To view your policy documents, visit MySinglife portal

How do I view my policy status?


You may view your policy status along with your product documents on MySinglife portal after your policy is incepted.

I changed my mind and want to withdraw my purchase. How should I do so?


You can cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving the documents, with the 14 days freelook period starting 7 days after Singlife sends them to you via post or electronic means.

If you have not made any claims under your policy, your single premium will be refunded without interest, less any expenses incurred by Singlife.

To do so, log into MySinglife portal and follow these steps:

1.       Select ‘Services’

2.       Select ‘Policy Servicing’

3.       Select ‘Freelook Cancellation’ for this plan. 

What are the consequences of surrendering my policy?


A Guaranteed Cash Surrender Value (CSV) will be paid upon surrendering your policy.

Policy Year Guaranteed CSV (% of single premium)
1 90%
2 95%
3 100%* 



*Note: Your capital is guaranteed from the start of Policy Year 3.

The policy year refers to the period between 2 consecutive Policy Anniversaries.


Can I buy this plan for my family members?


Yes, you may buy for your family member as a 3rd party payor, and they will be the policyholder. 

Do I need a Financial Adviser Representative for this plan?


No, this is a self-service digital product that does not require any Financial Adviser Representative. You should read the necessary Product Summary and Policy Term & Conditions and consider your own financial situation to ensure that this policy suits your needs.

If you need assistance, you may either reach out to your Financial Adviser Representative or request for us to assign you one here.



This policy is underwritten by Singapore Life Ltd.

Singlife Digital Saver is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is only available for purchase while the acceptance tranche is still open. Singapore Life Ltd. reserves the right to decline any application that does not fulfil the requirement of a complete application without prior notice, including the invalidity of payment received.

This is published for general information only and does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any specific person. A copy of the Product Summary may be obtained from Singapore Life Ltd. and the participating distributors’ offices. You should read the Product Summary before deciding whether to purchase the product. You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser representative before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser representative, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you.

As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. Buying a health insurance policy that is not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. 

This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the standard terms and conditions of this policy can be found in the relevant policy contract.

Information accurate as at 14 May 2024.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you.  For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Singapore Life Ltd. or visit the Life Insurance Association or SDIC websites ( or