When you're thinking about all the fun things you'll get to do on your next vacation, the last thing on your mind is mishaps. Even if all your holidays have been smooth-sailing (knock on wood) so far, we all know someone whose dream getaway turned into a nightmare. 

So, what happens if you need to make a travel claim? Here's an easy guide.


Help is just a call away

Call your insurer's hotline for advice on which hospital to go to, the nearest police station and the necessary documents to process the claim.

With insurers like Singlife, you can call the claims assistance helpline at +65 6460 9391 for overseas emergency assistance or to make a claim. This help is invaluable in situations such as when you lose your travel documents or need emergency medical evacuation.


What you should be prepared to do in the event of...

  • Loss/theft of personal belongings

    Make a police report as soon as you can, itemising all that's been taken and the value of each one. Ask for the report in English.
  • Illness

    Ask the clinic or hospital for a medical report which covers details such as the onset date, cause and nature of injury or illness. Remember to keep the original copies of your medical bills too. 

  • Damage to luggage

    Luggage is best inspected at the airport, in case of any damage due to mishandling by the carrier. If there's any damage, make the report at the airport. 


What to note when filling in the claim form

Download and fill in the claim form from your insurer's website.

Submit the claim form together with all your documents – this could be your flight itinerary and boarding pass as well as necessary invoices and reports.

TIP: Make copies of all your documents and claim forms in case they get misplaced. Also consider using your credit card to make any payments, so that your bank statement can be used as a supporting claim document, if necessary. 

Do you have travel insurance from Singlife?

Bookmark this page or keep a photo of it in your smartphone so that if you ever have to make a claim on your policy, you'll have all the steps you need. 


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