The Singlife App serves as a one-stop mobile solution to manage your money through the financial product offered — Singlife Account, an insurance savings plan, that allows you to grow your savings with up to 2% p.a.^ base returns while providing life insurance benefits in case of unfortunate events in life.

Finance apps are aplenty in mobile app stores. Yet not all are easy and intuitive to use. Some may seem clunky and bogged down by unnecessary features.

A good app should not only bring joy in its design, but also make it easy to discover the products offered on the app. So, taking a leaf out of Singlife’s book, here are 5 things we believe every millennial-on-the-move will love, which can be found in the Singlife App:


1. Easy set-up process

In the past, establishing a business relationship and purchasing a financial product of any kind required the mandatory trek to the financial institution, followed by reams of paperwork — and this is after you finally get assigned to a staff to serve you (possibly after clenching a queue number with sweaty palms for over an hour).

Time is a precious resource for the busy millennial — especially in this age of “microwave” attention spans that are prone to distraction and frustration at processes that take longer than expected.

Given this, it’s no wonder that fintechs and their apps today aim to reduce the hassle and lower the friction in the sign-up process. Singlife, one of the leading insurtechs in the country, seeks to do the same with its easy sign-up process for the Singlife Account insurance savings plan on the Singlife App.

You can download the Singlife App from either Apple iOS Store or Google Play Store.

Applying for a Singlife Account policy via the Singlife App is seamless and fuss-free. A few minutes is all it takes.

Once the app is downloaded, create your Singlife ID. It’s faster and more convenient if you use MyInfo. Once your Singlife ID is created, you can move on to complete and submit your Singlife Account application.

2. Clean user interface and easy to understand

Some finance apps these days try to inundate you with a plethora of information, be it charts, indices, rates or projections. These clutter the screen, may not even be useful or worse, confuse you to the point of helplessness.

With the Singlife App, the first thing you’ll see upon signing up and accessing it is its clean interface. At a glance, it clearly shows you how much you have in your Singlife Account policy and how much returns you’ve accrued that month.

As millennials can attest, an intuitive interface is critical especially when managing your money.

3. View your transactions in real time

Today, people expect their finance apps to show all their transactions in real-time, and with the Singlife App, you can check your transactions on the go. You can track your returns and spending and transfer money in and out from your Singlife Account almost instantly via FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers).

Whether you are transferring S$500 or S$8,000 to your Singlife Account policy, the app reflects your transaction almost instantaneously. Similarly, you can also make a withdrawal from your Singlife Account policy anytime via the app. You can view a history of your most recent activity time-stamped and dated.

4. No hidden fees or charges


You shouldn't have to spend a cent to feel in control of your finances. Thankfully you can reap all the conveniences of having a financial app without adding to your expenses because the Singlife app is free!


It connects you to your Singlife Account policy, tracking the activities to give you better control over your money. You can manage your Singlife Account policy with no hidden fees or charges.

5. Access to various features

A good finance app should give you instant access to various features at a tap or swipe.

With the Singlife App, you can access a host of features with a simple tap.

  • Need more information on the Singlife Account plan? Just tap on “Manage Account”.

  • Want to enjoy the latest Singlife customer perks? Tap on “Privileges”.

  • Prefer to access the app with Face ID instead of PIN? Make the switch in “Settings”.

  • Ready to set financial targets and track your progress? Tap "Achieve Dashboard".

  • Stumped and want to get helpdesk support? Tap “Contact Us”.

  • Don't want to miss out on exclusive offers for MINDEF/MHA personnel? Tap "MINDEF/MHA Declaration" to get started.

Aside from the above, there are many more things you can do with the Singlife App.

So there you have it, 5 features that millennials will love, found in the Singlife App.


Download the Singlife App from Apple iOS Store or Google Play Store.


^On your first S$10,000. For amounts above S$10,000, up to S$100,000, enjoy a base return of 1.4% p.a. Available until such time as updated by Singlife.



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